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Nikki DiSanto


Nikki DiSanto

"Big Break V" contestant Nikki DiSanto

Photo courtesy of The Golf Channel; used with permission


Age: 27
Residence: Los Angeles
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Occupation: Model
Marital Status/Children: Single/0
Hobbies: Golf, spinning, writing
Nikki DiSanto Pictures

On the Course:

Home Golf Course: Lost Canyons Golf Club, Simi Valley, Calif.
Collegiate Golf Experience: College of the Canyons, Valencia, Calif.
Strongest Part of Game: All facets
Favorite Club: 58-degree wedge and driver

More About Nikki DiSanto:

Nikki is the only contestant on The Big Break V that had not competed in a professional golf tournament prior to her appearance in the show. But a penchant for hitting it long qualified her for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship at 295 yards. She claims to hit her 7-wood – and even her 3-iron – longer than most women hit their drivers.

A fairly late-bloomer in competitive golf, Nikki played as a youngster but never competed seriously. She even gave up the game for a time while she pursued other interests. She picked the game back up five years ago when she enrolled in college and decided to try to make the women's golf team at the College of Canyons, a community college in Valencia, Calif. She not only made the team, but served as the team captain for both years.

Nikki says she auditioned for The Big Break as a way to expose herself to intense competition and, possibly, jump-start a career in the game. Currently, she teaches golf to juniors and models part time.

Source: The Golf Channel; used with permission

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