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Felicia Brown - Big Break III Contestant


Felicia Brown - Big Break III
The Golf Channel
Here is information about Felicia Brown, who appeared as a contestant on the Big Break III series on the Golf Channel. This info is courtesy of Golf Channel and was accurate at the time the series aired.

Age: 28


Redondo Beach, California


Los Angeles, California


Contract Specialist for the Deparment of Defense (Air Force)

Marital Status/Children:


Home Golf Course:

Chester Washington Golf Club, Los Alamitos Navy Golf Club

Collegiate Golf Experience:

Alabama State University


Singing and entertaining her family

About Felicia Brown:

One of the few amateurs and mothers in the competition, Felicia has been playing golf since age 7 and has collected more than 100 junior golf trophies. She is a Los Angeles native and grew up playing in junior programs sponsored by the Western States Golf Association, an African-American golfing organization.

At 15, she started playing outside the Western States and faced what she called the harsh reality of real competition. The Maxfli Junior Nationals proved "inspiring," but she finished in 48th place. Not deterred, she earned a golf scholarship to Alabama State University where she was voted team MVP three times and helped carry her team to the SWAC Conference Championships all four years - never placing lower than third.

She had no means to pursue a life of professional golf after school, with marriage, a child and work taking priority. "But I've held my breath until I could get back to the game," she said, with "The Big Break III" possibly her only shot.

Felicia admits that every time she steps on the green, she imagines she's at the Dinah Shore (now called the Kraft Nabisco Championship, an LPGA major) putting for the win.

She clearly was one of the most outgoing and boisterous among "The Big Break III" contestants, keeping a smile on everyone's face. An avid singer, Felicia claims the only reason she hasn't appeared on "American Idol" is because she's too old!

She continues to volunteer for the First Tee Organization and believes that golf is the only "true democracy" in the world - treating everyone the same no matter what their background.

Source: The Golf Channel

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