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Elizabeth Stuart


Elizabeth Stuart - Big Break Kaanapali

Elizabeth Stuart of "Big Break: Kaanapali"

Courtesy of the Golf Channel; used with permission
Elizabeth Stuart is a cast member on the Golf Channel series "Big Break: Kaanapali." The shaded text below is the "official" "Big Break: Kaanapali" profile of this golfer provided by the Golf Channel.
Elizabeth Stuart pictures

Residence: West Palm Beach, Fla.
Hometown: Tampa, Fla.
Date of birth: Sept. 13, 1981
College: Florida International University
Interests: Lounging on the beach, Tampa Bay Buccaneer football
Family: Single

About Elizabeth Stuart:

Stuart has a unique distinction in golf: She is the first golfer to go through the First Tee junior program and later join a professional golf tour. Stuart turned pro in 2006, making 8 of 16 cuts on the Futures Tour. In 2007, she made 8 of 19 cuts with a best finish of 13th.
The Golf Channel says:

People who have been forced to scrape, save and fight for everything in life tend to have an edge about them. Elizabeth Stuart has that edge.

She also has talent, which may enable her to overcome financial obstacles that have hindered a promising career.

Raised by her mother, the tone of financial struggles were set early as the two would change apartments as the bills mounted and expenses had to be trimmed.

Although absent in the home, Stuart's dad played a pivotal role in her life when he introduced her to golf at the age of 10. Having never played, he bought books to study and teach her the game.

It sounds story book. Dad takes daughter to the golf course and she becomes a potential LPGA star. But this is not yet a Disney fairy tale.

"When I got serious about golf he really started pushing me," said Stuart. "He was hard on me and wanted to see me become successful."

He never had the chance. While in college, Stuart's father passed away only a month after being diagnosed with cancer in his esophagus, leaving her with conflicting emotions about their relationship.

"I can't stress how much I owe my father and wish he was still here to see everything that has happened in my career," said Stuart. "In some ways, though, I don't miss him. He was always on my case, but if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even be playing golf."

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