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Danielle Amiee: Golfer on 'The Big Break III'


Danielle Amiee - Big Break III
The Golf Channel
Danielle Amiee was a cast member on Big Break III, the third season of the Golf Channel's The Big Break series. That series was taped in 2004 and aired in early 2005.

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Amiee had had little competitive success at the time, but despite that she wound up as series champion.

As the winner, she received exemptions into two LPGA Tour events in 2005: the Michelob Ultra Championship at Kingsmill and the Corning Classic. At the first she shot 14-over and missed the cut; at the second she withdrew with a back injury.

After that, Amiee essentially dropped out of sight, apparently giving up competitive golf.

Golf Channel's Danielle Amiee Bio at Time of 'Big Break III':

(Note: This is the information about Amiee that Golf Channel provided at the time of Big Break III, in early 2005.)

Age at time of BB3 appearance: 28
Residence: Newport Beach, Calif.
Hometown: Newport Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Golf Professional
Marital Status/Children: Single/0
Home Golf Course: Costa Mesa Country Club
Collegiate Golf Experience: Long Beach State University
Hobbies: Boating, scuba diving and jet skiing

Danielle picked up her first golf club at 16 when she decided to hit balls on the range while she waited for her mother's golf lesson to finish. All it took was a positive comment about her swing from a bystander and she was hooked.

Despite no golfing experience in high school or in the junior golf ranks, she managed to earn a full scholarship to Long Beach State University, where teammates nicknamed her "Danny Daly" because of her penchant for the long ball like PGA Tour standout John Daly.

A current member of the Futures Golf Tour, Danielle has competed in the Australian Open and made it to the finals of LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament in 2003. Earning playing credentials on the LPGA Tour is Danielle’s ultimate goal, and she is not quitting golf until she gets there.

"My heart and talent have finally come together, and I will change my entire lifestyle if I have to," she says.

When not competing, Danielle enjoys playing in charity events and water sports. She is not sure what to expect from her "Big Break III" experience, but is excited about the uncertainty of it all. "You can't compare it to anything, but despite all of us wanting to win, we're all pulling for each other."

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