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Courtney Erdman


Courtney Erdman - Big Break Kaanapali

Courtney Erdman of "Big Break: Kaanapali"

Courtesy of the Golf Channel; used with permission
Courtney Erdman is a cast member on the Golf Channel series "Big Break: Kaanapali." The shaded text below is the "official" "Big Break: Kaanapali" profile of this golfer provided by the Golf Channel.
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Residence: Altadena, Calif.
Hometown: Altadena, Calif.
Date of birth: July 18, 1982
College: College of the Canyons
Home course: Altadena Golf Cour se, Altadena, Calif.
Interests: Anaheim Ducks hockey games, movies, family
Family: Married

About Courtney Erdman:

After graduating from College of the Canyons, Erdman turned pro in 2006 and made the cut in 8 of 18 Futures Tour tournaments. In 2007, she improved to 10 cuts in 15 events, with a best finish of third, and finished 45th on the Futures Tour money list.
The Golf Channel says:

So you think being a professional golfer is all glamour? Maybe it is if you're Tiger Woods staying at the Ritz and jetting around on a private plane. Courtney Erdman, though, lives on the other side of the fairway in a neighborhood that lists cheap hotels and parking lots as residents.

Traveling the Duramed Futures Tour circuit in a van that has been dubbed "Love Shack" by other players, Courtney and her husband, Kevin, do whatever they can to save money.

"Between tournaments, we usually park in a store's parking lot and sleep there," said Erdman. "In the morning, we will find a Gold's Gym (where they each have a membership) and shower. Once we get to the tournament, we stay in the cheapest hotel room we can find."

But it is the price they are willing to pay. Along with many of her fellow competitors on "Big Break Ka'anapali," Erdman dreams of playing in her first LPGA event. And like many of them, her greatest obstacle in reaching that goal is a lack of finances.

" 'Big Break' could open doors for me," said Erdman, who was on the golf team at College of the Canyons, a junior college in Santa Clarita Calif. "It's a great opportunity to get more exposure than I've ever had. It's a chance to play on the LPGA and I want to play on the LPGA so bad!"

The Delta and Marriott lifestyle of the LPGA Tour is one that Erdman and her husband seek together. They met at the Altadena Golf Course when she was 16, played miniature golf on their first date and have been together ever since. After saving for five years to buy a house, they instead decided to use the money to fund playing and traveling on the Duramed Futures Tour.

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