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Cirbie Sheppard


Cirbie Sheppard - Big Break Kaanapali

Cirbie Sheppard of "Big Break: Kaanapali"

Courtesy of the Golf Channel; used with permission
Cirbie Sheppard is a cast member on the Golf Channel series "Big Break: Kaanapali." The shaded text below is the "official" "Big Break: Kaanapali" profile of this golfer provided by the Golf Channel.
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Hometown: Auburn, Calif.
Hometown: Auburn, Calif.
Date of birth: Dec. 14, 1983
College: Sierra College
Home course: Auburn Country Club, Auburn. Calif.
Interests: Piano, martial arts, cooking, basketball, skiing, arts & crafts, Nintendo
Family: Single

About Cirbie Sheppard:

The least-known and least-experienced golfer in the "BBK" cast. played at Sierra College and had two poor (injury-hampered) showings on the Cactus Tour in 2007. She has done some modeling and is engaged to a member of the hard-rock band Neurosonic. Her first name is pronounced "Kirby." In 2007, she served a 10-day jail sentence in Arizona for driving under the influence.
The Golf Channel says:

Cirbie Sheppard is not the typical "Big Break" contestant. Showing up at the course in a black 1980s-style, Joan Jett rockers' outfit and barefoot – she hates wearing shoes on the course and doesn't feel right "dressing girly or golfy" – she looks more like a contestant on "American Idol" than "Big Break Ka'anapali."

This girl marches to own her beat and is on a mission to play golf and rock on.

"I always try to stay positive. I use mind over matter to create and attract the things in life I want," said Sheppard, noting that other people notice this and it draws them to her. "More than once, I've had someone I don't know come up to me and tell me I have a fiery aura."

She is flower power with a hard-rock soundtrack clashing with the Five Fundmentals of the Modern Golf Swing. And yes, when Sheppard went to Ka'anapali, she did wear flowers in her hair.

"I know I'll probably have the least experience of anyone there, but I can't wait. To be a part of this whole event is a blessing and a gift," said Sheppard.

As expected, she is not your typical aspiring LPGA Tour player. The former Hooters girl started playing golf when her high school started a golf team, and after shooting 52 in her first nine holes, Sheppard knew that she had a natural talent.

While attending Sierra College in California, her golf steadily improved. After graduation, she began working at her parents' business called Wally's Natural Products and practicing every day. To gain more tournament experience, Sheppard has played select events on mini-tours, including the Cactus Tour.

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