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Christina Lecuyer Facts


Images and info about Big Break golfer Christina Lecuyer, who has appeared on both Big Break Kaanapali and Big Break Dominican Republic.
Christine Lecuyer - Big Break Kaanapali

Christina Lecuyer poses during a photo shoot from Big Break Kaanapali.

Courtesy of the Golf Channel; used with permission
(Editor's Note: Biographical information that appears on the following pages was provided in part by the Golf Channel and was current at the time of the premiere of Big Break Dominican Republic on Sept. 29, 2010.)

  • Residence: Conway, Ark.
  • Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Age: 27
  • College: University of Central Arkansas
  • Home Golf Course: Centennial Valley Country Club, Conway, Ark.
  • Interests: Running, cooking, travel, sports
  • Occupation: Golf Professional
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