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Justin Payne


Justin Payne was a cast member on Big Break Indian Wells, which aired on the Golf Channel in 2011.
Justin Payne - Big Break Indian Wells Golfer
Mark Ashman / Golf Channel
Information about Justin Payne (as of May 2011 at the time of the Big Break Indian Wells airing):
  • Age: 31
  • Hometown: Plainview, Texas
  • Current Residence: Floydada, Texas
  • Home Golf Course: Floydada Country Club; Hillcrest Country Club
  • Profession: Professional Golfer
From the small town of Floydada in the Texas Panhandle, Payne was a promising junior golfer, but one whose collegiate career never got off the tee after he became involved in a trasfer dispute with the first school he enrolled in. He left college early and turned pro. Payne now helps manage his family's ranch while playing part-time on the Adams Tour.

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