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Zakiya Randall


Zakiya Randall was a contestant on Big Break Atlantis, which aired in 2012 on Golf Channel.
Zakiya Randall Big Break Atlantis

'Big Break Atlantis' cast member Zakiya Randall.

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"Zakiya Randall (20, Atlanta, Ga.) – Golfer, model and music producer, Randall turned professional just prior to the filming of Big Break Atlantis, and is determined to make a name for herself in professional golf. Nicknamed 'Z,' Randall will look to make a statement on the series with her golf game and her fashion." - From Golf Channel's announcement of the Big Break Atlantis contestants

You might say Zakiya Randall's golf career got off to a hot start: Her first year of playing competitive golf, at age 11, she won every tournament she entered in Atlanta. When she was 15, Randall earned medalist honors in a U.S. Women's Open local qualifier. She graduated high school in 2009 and has focused on pursuing a professional golf career since then.

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