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Kelly Villarreal was a contestant on Big Break Atlantis, which aired in 2012 on Golf Channel.
Kelly Villarreal Big Break Atlantis

'Big Break Atlantis' cast member Kelly Villarreal.

Photo courtesy Kelly Villarreal
"Kelly Villarreal (29, Birmingham, Ala.) – Nicknamed “The Real Deal,” Villarreal is anticipating Big Break Atlantis to be her comeback story. She is giving professional golf another go after giving up on her dreams to compete on the LPGA Tour for a medical sales career five years ago." - From Golf Channel's announcement of the Big Break Atlantis contestants

Kelly Villarreal played both golf and basketball in middle and high school after taking up golf at age 12. But she switched to focus solely on golf in time to earn a scholarship to Samford University. Beginning in her junior season at Samford, however, Villarreal developed an eating disorder that plagued her for more than five years. The problem appeared to end her competitive golf career, although she continued to play recreationally. After finally conquering the condition, Villarreal embarked on a professional career outside of golf, but, she told Golf Channel, the pull of competitive golf kept coming back. After getting married and also launching an organization called Pro-Healing to help athletes deal with issues of self-image and nutrition, Villarreal is using Big Break Atlantis to get back into the competitive spirit on the golf course.

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