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Kim Kouwabunpat's 'Big Break Prince Edward Island' Diary


Kim Kouwabunpat - Beach

Kim Kouwabunpat is one of the 12 cast members on 'Big Break Prince Edward Island'

Courtesy of the Golf Channel; used with permission
Kim Kouwabunpat was one of the 12 cast members on "Big Break Prince Edward Island," the 11th installment of the popular "reality golf" series on the Golf Channel.

Following each episode during the "Big Break PEI" season, Kim wrote a diary entry for About.com Golf. Those posts are archived here. Read the last one, read the first one, read them all.

We're Sorry: This feature is no longer online. For more information about the series, see the Big Break PEI page, or visit The Big Break series page for history, winners and casts of each installment.

For more from Kim, visit her Web site at kimkouwabunpat.com.

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