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'Big Break X: Michigan'


Big Break X Michigan

The logo for "Big Break X: Michigan."

Courtesy of the Golf Channel; used with permission
The tenth installment of the Golf Channel's Big Break series was called Big Break X: Michigan.

Series name: Big Break X: Michigan
Location: Taped at Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs, Mich.
Premiere: Oct. 7, 2008, 10 p.m. ET
Format: Sixteen golfers compete as co-ed teams of two
Hosts: Billy Ray Brown and Stina Sternberg

The Contestants

Below are the eight teams (16 golfers) making up the cast. Read more about the contestants here. To view cast photos and bios, click on a name below, or view in slideshow format.

The winning team was Haymes Snedeker and Bernadette Luse.

What's At Stake

The male champion received an exemption into 2009 PGA Tour Children's Miracle Network Classic; the female champion received exemption into 2009 Bell Micro LPGA Classic.

In addition:
• Each member of the winning team got a BMW 328i Coupe plus a trip to the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, S.C.
• Each member of the winning team got a Dick's Sporting Goods gift package including $10,000 cash ($5,000 each) and $5,000 in gift cards ($2,500 each).
• Each player's entry fees for the LPGA and PGA Tour Qualifying Tournaments were covered by SkyCaddie.
• Each member of the winning teams got an endorsement deal with Adams Golf plus $5,000 cash.

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