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Big Break V

Follow Along with "The Big Break V: Hawaii"


Ashley Wins "Big Break V"
Ashley Prange defeated Jeanne Cho 5-and-4 in the match play championship to claim victory in "The Big Break V: Hawaii." Prange earned an exemption into the LPGA Safeway Classic, as well as entry into all remaining Futures Tour events (although she was already qualified for those tournaments). Her prize package also included a car, merchandise, and coaching from intructor Dean Reinmuth.

Poll: Does "Big Break V" champion Ashley Prange have what it takes to be successful on the LPGA Tour? (click your choice to vote)
1) Yes
2) No

Sneak Preview: "The Big Break VI: Trump National"

Meet the Contestants

Take a closer look at the 11 golfers who make up the cast for "Big Break V":
• Jeanne Cho: Bio | Photos
• Divina Delasin: Bio | Photos
• Nikki DiSanto: Bio | Photos
• Jo D Duncan: Bio | Photos
• Dana Lacey: Bio | Photos
• Kim Lewellan: Bio | Photos
• Becky Lucidi: Bio | Photos
• Ashley Prange: Bio | Photos
• Katie Ruhe: Bio | Photos
• Kristina Tucker: Bio | Photos
• Julie Wells: Bio | Photos

And to the Winner ...
What awaits the "Big Break V" champion? A lot. It's easily the best prize package to date. It includes:
• Exemption into one LPGA event
• Futures Tour package that includes entry into all remaining Futures Tour 2006 events, plus entry fees and travel expenses
• Instruction packages from fitness and mental coaches, plus instructor Dean Reinmuth
• A Bridgestone endorsement deal and $10,000 shopping spree from Golfsmith
• And a sporty new car from Chrysler

Discuss "Big Break V"
Want to sound off about "The Big Break V"? Talk about your favorite episodes and favorite players - or perhaps the things you don't view so favorably - in the Golf Forum.

"Big Break V" Polls

Danielle vs. Nikki, Part 1
Which "Big Break" diva, Daniell from "BBIII" or Nikki from "BBV," was more annoying? (click your answer to cast vote)
1) Danielle
2) Nikki

Danielle vs. Nikki, Part 2
If Danielle's ego and Nikki's ego got into a fight, whose ego would win? (click your answer to cast vote)
1) Danielle's
2) Nikki's

Comparing Casts
Of the two "ladies only" editions of The Big Break - III and V - which do you think had the more interesting cast? (Click your choice to cast a vote)
1) Big Break III
2) Big Break V

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