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'The Big Break: Mesquite'

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Big Break Mesquite
Courtesy of The Golf Channel; used with permission
Don't call it "Big Break VIII" - the Roman numerals are gone. This eighth installment of The Golf Channel series is called The Big Break: Mesquite. It was filmed in Mesquite, Nev.

The Winner: The champion of Big Break Mesquite was Brian Kontak. Kontak played Josh Warthen in the championship match, and Kontak scored an easy 6-and-4 victory.

"The Big Break: Mesquite" Contestants
(Click a name to read more about each - contestants are listed in the order in which they were eliminated)
Roger Fonnest
Matt Every
Anthony Rodriguez
Mark Farrell
Matt Vick
James Nitties
Benoit Beisser
Kevin Taylor
Gerry James
Hiroshi Matsuo
Joshua Warthen
Brian Kontak

At Stake
First the first time, an exemption into a PGA Tour tournament goes to the winner of a "Big Break" series. The champion of "The Big Break: Mesquite" gets a spot in the field at the 2008 Mayakoba Classic.

Scoring Format
"The Big Break: Mesquite" employed a rolling cutline throughout the series to determine which golfers had to take part in each episode's elimination challenge. Points were awarded in the competitions featured in each episode and a cutline determined; those above the cutline were safe; those below went into the elimination challenge. The points were cumulative throughout the series.

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