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"The Big Break II"


Big Break II
The Golf Channel

And the Winner Is ...
An epic battle between Don Donatello and Kip Henley took place in the final "Big Break II" episode. Only one man emerged to claim the championship, the Nationwide Tour exemptions and other goodies. Read the Episode 10 recap to how the "Big Break II" champion claimed the crown.
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Vote: How will the "Big Break II" champ do on the Nationwide Tour?
Which season of "The Big Break" do you like best, I or II?

Meet the Contestants
Want to know more about one (or all) of the "Big Break II" contestants? Check out each player's profile.

Talk "Big Break" in the Forum
How will Kip Henley do on the Nationwide Tour? "turkeybreast" is skeptical, but says that even if Henley does great, he shouldn't be allowed on the PGA Tour because "he refers to himself in the third person as 'The Kipper'."

Skills Challenges We'd Like to See
Hitting a golf ball through a pane of glass? Hey, we did that just last week! Here are some skills challenges we'd like to see, ones that really test the mettle of golfers in real-life situations. Like, for example, the Slow Playing Drunks Challenge.

Justin Peters on Life after "The Big Break"
Justin Peters, winner of the inaugural "Big Break," talks about what "Big Break II" contestants can expect once the series hits the airwaves in this special report for About.com Golf.

"Big Break II" Promises More Sizzle
When "The Big Break II" tees off in late September, it will do so with bigger prizes, a glitzier location and golfers with plenty of professional experience. Get a preview of the next installment of The Golf Channel's reality TV series.

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