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Big Break Indian Wells


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Big Break Indian Wells is the name of Season 15 of the Golf Channel's The Big Break series. It's called that because the series was taped (in January 2011) at Indian Wells Golf Resort in Indian Wells, Calif.

Series Premiere: May 16, 2011
Cast: 11 golfers, all men

Big Break Indian Wells will run for 10 episodes. The winner of the series will receive a minimum of $55,000 (it's winner-take-all), plus an exemption into a 2012 PGA Tour Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

The format for Big Break Indian Wells involves the players trying to take each other's money. Each competitor begins the series with $5,000. Competing in challenges and on the course, the golfers win and lose that money. The object, of course, is to knock everyone else out, taking their money and the championship.

Outcome: David Byrne defeated Kent Eger in the championship match to win Big Break Indian Wells.

Cast Members
The 11 golfers competing on the series can be seen in our Big Break Indian Wells Cast photo gallery. Click the preceding link to browse the gallery, or go directly to one of the player pages:

For more about The Big Break, see our Big Break history, which lists the cast members and winners for every season of the show.

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