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Big Break Dominican Republic


Sara Brown - Big Break Dominican Republic

Sara Brown returns for Big Break Dominican Republic.

Courtesy of Golf Channel
Big Break Dominican Republic was the 14th season of the popular "reality golf" series on the Golf Channel. It was played at Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic.

Outcome: The women's team defeated the men's team. Blair O'Neal was the individual winner, claiming the grand prize by earning the most MVP points. Anthony Rodriguez was MVP of the men's team. In the exemption she earned for winning, O'Neal missed the cut at the 2011 LPGA Kia Classic.

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Big Break Dominican Republic Cast Photos, Info and Polls
BBDR is a reunion series, with contestants from past seasons of "Big Break" returning. There are six male contestants and six female contestants. The cast members, with their hometowns and the name of the "Big Break" season on which they originally appeared (click on name to view bio/photos):

Poll: Who is your favorite female cast member on Big Break Dominican Republic? (click choice to cast vote)
1) Lori Atsedes
2) Sara Brown
3) Christina Lecuyer
4) Brenda McLarnon
5) Blair O'Neal
6) Elena Robles

Poll: Who is your favorite male cast member on Big Break Dominican Republic? (click choice to cast vote)
1) Andrew Giuliani
2) David Mobley
3) Blake Moore
4) Anthony Rodriguez
5) Brian Skatell
6) William 'Football' Thompson

Where It Was Taped
Challenges in Big Break Dominican Republic were contested on the two Pete Dye-designed golf courses at Casa de Campo: the Teeth of the Dog and Dye Fore courses. The resort is located on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic.

At Stake
Unlike previous seasons of Big Break, on Big Break Dominican Republic golfers are not eliminated from the competition on a weekly basis (although one might be eliminated from participating in the next show). All the golfers will compete throughout the season, earning points along the way. The highest point-earner on the winning team receives an exemption into a tour event (PGA Tour or LPGA Tour, depending on the identity of the winner), plus cash and merchandise.

Poll: What type of cast do you prefer on 'Big Break'? (click your choice to cast vote)
1) Men only
2) Women only
3) Men and women

Big Break History
Find out the winner and view the cast members of every previous season of Big Break on the Golf Channe.

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