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1971 Ryder Cup


Arnold Palmer in 1971

Arnold Palmer (pictured in 1971) won all four of his team games at the 1971 Ryder Cup.

A. Jones / Express / Getty Images
Score: USA 18.5, Great Britain 13.5
Site: Old Warson Country Club in St. Louis, Mo.
Captains: Great Britain - Eric Brown; USA - Jay Hebert
The 1971 Ryder Cup got off to a good start for Team Great Britain, with the Brits taking a 1-point lead after the first day of foursomes and fourballs. And the final day singles session was close, too, with Team USA managing a 1-point margin there.

The difference in the USA's 18.5 to 13.5 victory was in-between. On Day 2, the Americans dominated the foursomes and fourballs, winning 6.5 of a possible 8 points. Only the partnership of Lee Trevino and Billy Casper suffered defeat for the USA on Day 2, and Casper had a broken toe while Trevino was playing only a few weeks after an appendectomy.

Arnold Palmer won all four of his team games, parterning Gardner Dickenson in three of them and Jack Nicklaus in the fourth. Nicklaus led the American side with a 5-1-0 record.

Peter Oosterhuis made his Ryder Cup debut for Great Britain and won both his singles matches (at this time in Ryder Cup history, the teams were playing two sessions of singles on the final day, eight games per session). Oosterhuis went on to share the Ryder Cup record for most singles wins with six in his career.

Peter Townsend had a Ryder Cup to forget for Great Britain. He played the maximum six matches - and lost all six. Then there was Ryder Cup rookie John Garner. Garner played the Ryder Cup twice for Team GB. In 1971, he was used only once, and lost that match. At the 1973 Ryder Cup, Garner wasn't used at all. So of a 12 possible matches over two Ryder Cups, Garner played only once, going 0-1.

Team Rosters:

• Great Britain - Harry Bannerman, Brian Barnes, Maurice Bembridge, Peter Butler, Neil Coles, Bernard Gallacher, John Garner, Brian Huggett, Tony Jacklin, Christy O'Connor Sr., Peter Oosterhuis, Peter Townsend
• USA - Miller Barber, Frank Beard, Billy Casper, Charles Coody, Gardner Dickinson, Gene Littler, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Mason Rudolph, J.C. Snead, Dave Stockton, Lee Trevino

Day 1 Results:

• Neil Coles/Christy O'Connor Sr., GB, def. Billy Casper/Miller Barber, U.S., 2 and 1
• Arnold Palmer/Gardner Dickinson, U.S., def. Peter Townsend/Peter Oosterhuis, GB, 2-up
• Brian Huggett/Tony Jacklin, GB, def. Jack Nicklaus/Dave Stockton, U.S., 3 and 2
• Maurice Bembridge/Peter Butler, GB, def. Charles Coody/Frank Beard, U.S., 1-up
• Harry Bannerman/Bernard Gallacher, GB, def. Billy Casper/Miller Barber, U.S., 2 and 1
• Arnold Palmer/Gardner Dickinson, U.S., def. Peter Townsend/Peter Oosterhuis, GB, 1-up
• Lee Trevino/Mason Rudolph, U.S., halved with Brian Huggett/Tony Jacklin, GB
• Jack Nicklaus/J.C. Snead, U.S., def. Maurice Bembridge/Peter Butler, GB, 5 and 3

Day 2 Results:

• Lee Trevino/Mason Rudolph, U.S., def. Christy O'Connor Sr./Brian Barnes, GB, 2 and 1
• Frank Beard/J.C. Snead, U.S., def. Neil Coles/John Garner, GB, 2 and 1
• Arnold Palmer/Gardner Dickinson, U.S., def. Peter Oosterhuis/Bernard Gallacher, GB, 5 and 4
• Jack Nicklaus/Gene Littler, U.S., def. Peter Townsend/Harry Bannerman, GB, 2 and 1
• Bernard Gallacher/Peter Oosterhuis, GB, def. Lee Trevino/Billy Casper, U.S., 1-up
• Gene Littler/J.C. Snead, U.S., def. Tony Jacklin/Brian Huggett, GB, 2 and 1
• Arnold Palmer/Jack Nicklaus, U.S., def. Peter Townsend/Harry Bannerman, GB, 1-up
• Charles Coody/Frank Beard, U.S., halved with Neil Coles/Christy O'Connor Sr., GB

Day 3 Results:

Morning Singles
• Lee Trevino, U.S., def. Tony Jacklin, GB, 1-up
• Dave Stockton, U.S., halved with Bernard Gallacher, GB
• Brian Barnes, GB, def. Mason Rudolph, U.S., 1-up
• Peter Oosterhuis, GB, def. Gene Littler, U.S., 4 and 3
• Jack Nicklaus, U.S., def. Peter Townsend, GB, 3 and 2
• Gardner Dickinson, U.S., def. Christy O'Connor Sr., GB, 5 and 4
• Arnold Palmer, U.S., halved with Harry Bannerman, GB
• Frank Beard, U.S., halved with Neil Coles, GB

Afternoon Singles
• Lee Trevino, U.S., def. Brian Huggett, GB, 7 and 6
• J.C. Snead, U.S., def. Tony Jacklin, GB, 1-up
• Brian Barnes, GB, def. Miller Barber, U.S., 2-up
• Dave Stockton, U.S., def. Peter Townsend, GB, 1-up
• Bernard Gallacher, GB, def. Charles Coody, U.S., 2 and 1
• Jack Nicklaus, U.S., def. Neil Coles, GB, 5 and 3
• Peter Oosterhuis, GB, def. Arnold Palmer, U.S., 3 and 2
• Harry Bannerman, GB, def. Gardner Dickinson, U.S., 2 and 1

Player Records (wins-losses-halves)

Great Britain
Harry Bannerman, 2-2-1
Brian Barnes, 2-1-0
Maurice Bembridge, 1-1-0
Peter Butler, 1-1-0
Neil Coles, 1-2-2
Bernard Gallacher, 3-1-1
John Garner, 0-1-0
Brian Huggett, 1-2-1
Tony Jacklin, 1-3-1
Christy O'Connor Sr., 1-2-1
Peter Oosterhuis, 3-3-0
Peter Townsend, 0-6-0

Miller Barber, 0-3-0
Frank Beard, 1-1-2
Billy Casper, 0-3-0
Charles Coody, 0-2-1
Gardner Dickinson, 4-1-0
Gene Littler, 2-1-0
Jack Nicklaus, 5-1-0
Arnold Palmer, 4-1-1
Mason Rudolph, 1-1-1
J.C. Snead, 4-0-0
Dave Stockton, 1-1-1
Lee Trevino, 3-1-1

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