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Curtis Cup

About the USA/GB&I match in women's amateur golf


Stacy Lewis holds the Curtis Cup trophy

Stacy Lewis holds the Curtis Cup trophy for the 2008 matches at St. Andrews.

David Cannon/Getty Images

About the Curtis Cup:

The Curtis Cup Match is contested every two years by teams of female amateurs representing the United States and Great Britain & Ireland (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland). The sanctioning bodies are the United States Golf Association and Ladies Golf Union, and those organizations select the respective teams. Each team consists of eight golfers.

The Curtis Cup was first played in 1932, and is named after sisters Harriot and Margaret Curtis, who combined for four victories in the U.S. Women's Amateur. The Curtis sisters donated the trophy for the competition.

The U.S. leads the series, 28-7-3.

Official Curtis Cup Web site

2014 Curtis Cup
• Final Score: USA 13, GB&I 7 (click to view match results)
• When: June 6-8, 2014
• Where: St. Louis Country Club, St. Louis, Missouri
• Captains: USA - Ellen Port; GB&I - Tegwen Matthews

2014 Teams
• USA: Kyung Kim, Alison Lee, Erynne Lee, Ally McDonald, Annie Park, Ashlan Ramsey, Mariah Stackhouse, Emma Talley
• GB&I: Stephanie Meadow, Bronte Law, Annabel Dimmock, Georgia Hall, Gabriella Cowley, Charlotte Thomas, Eilidh Briggs, Gemma Dryburgh

2012 Curtis Cup

• Final Score: GB&I 10.5, USA 9.5,
• When: June 8-10, 2012
• Where: Nairn Golf Club, Nairn, Scotland
• Captains: GB&I - Tegwen Matthews; USA: Patricia Cornett

Curtis Cup Format:

Beginning in 2008, the Curtis Cup assumed a Ryder Cup-style format, with foursomes, four-balls and singles play. Day 1 and Day 2 feature three foursomes and three four-balls each day, with eight singles matches concluding play on Day 3. One point is awarded the side of the winning golfer in each match; if matches are tied at the conclusion of 18 holes, each golfer earns a half-point for her team. If the Curtis Cup Match itself concludes in a tie, the team that held the cup entering the competition retains it.

Curtis Cup Records:

Overall Match Standings
U.S. leads Great Britain & Ireland, 28-7-3

Most Curtis Cups Played
• GB&I - 9, Mary McKenna (1970-72-74-76-78-80-82-84-86)
• U.S. - 12, Carol Semple Thompson (1974-76-80-82-88-90-92-94-96-98-2000-02)

Largest Winning Margin, 18-Hole Match
• Singles - 9 and 8, Margaret Smith, U.S., def. Philomena Garvey, GB&I, 1956
• Foursomes - 8 and 6, Carol Sorenson/Barbara Fay White Boddie, U.S., def. Bridget Jackson/Susan Armitage, GB&I, 1964

Undefeated and Untied in Curtis Cup Play
(Minimum 4 matches)
Debbie Massey, U.S., 5-0-0
Barbara Fay White Boddie, 4-0-0
Claire Doran, U.S., 4-0-0
Juli Inkster, U.S., 4-0-0
Trish Johnson, GB&I, 4-0-0
Dorothy Kielty, U.S., 4-0-0
Stacy Lewis, U.S., 5-0-0
Alison Walshe, U.S., 4-0-0

Most Overall Match Wins in Curtis Cup
18 - Carol Semple Thompson, U.S.
11 - Anna Quast Sander, U.S.
10 - Mary McKenna, GB&I
10 - Phyllis Preuss, U.S.

Why Is It Called the Curtis Cup?
Who put the "Curtis" in Curtis Cup? Who is the namesake after whom the competition is named? Read this FAQ to find out.

Future Sites
2016: Dun Laoghaire Club, Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland

Curtis Cup Trivia and Match Notes:

  • Several false starts at a Curtis Cup-style competition were made, dating to 1905, before Glenna Collett Vare started championing the idea in 1930. The USGA and LGU agreed in 1931 to regular matches, and the first was played in 1932.

  • The Curtis Cup Match was originally envisioned to include nations from around the world, but financial issues limited the competition to the American and GB&I teams in the early going, and it has remained just those two teams ever since.

  • The U.S. won that first match in 1932, 5.5 to 3.5. But the highlight was a victory for the GB&I side. Joyce Wethered and American Glenna Collett Vare - the greatest female golfers of their time - met only three times in competitive match play. The first Curtis Cup was one of them, and Wethered won easily, 6-and-4.

  • The GB&I team's first win in the series was in 1952, the seventh Curtis Cup Match played.

  • One mother-and-daughter pair has competed in Curtis Cup play: Jane Bastanchury Booth and her daughter Kellee Booth. Jane played in 1970, 1972 and 1974, and Kellee in 1996 and 1998. And both are among the 10 players who have posted 4-0-0 records in a single Curtis Cup.

  • Others who have posted 4-0-0 marks in a single Curtis Cup include Trish Johnson for GB&I in 1986; Juli Inkster for the U.S. in 1982; Patty Sheehan for the U.S. in 1980; and Beth Daniel for the U.S. in 1976.

  • The largest winning margin for the U.S. is 11 points (14.5 to 3.5) in 1982, an American team that boasted Juli Inkster, Kathy Baker and Amy Benz. The largest winning margin for GB&I is 8 points (13 to 5) in 1986, a team led by Trish Johnson's 4-0-0 performance.

  • The 2008 match was the first one to feature five sessions of play, and Stacy Lewis was the first player to earn five points in one Cup, going 5-0-0 for the U.S.

  • The official name of the trophy awarded to the winning team is "The Women's International Cup."

Curtis Cup Results
2014 - U.S. 13, GB&I 7
2012 - GB&I 10.5, U.S. 9.5
2010 - U.S. 12.5, GB&I 7.5
2008 - U.S. 13, GB&I 7
2006 - U.S. 11.5, GB&I 6.5
View All Curtis Cup Results

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