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2011 Solheim Cup


Suzann Pettersen 2011 Solheim Cup

Suzann Pettersen lets out a scream after sinking a key putt on the Saturday of the 2011 Solheim Cup.

Ian Walton / Getty Images

Europe 15, USA 13:

In the end, it came down to half a point. And when that half-point went Europe's way, so did the Solheim Cup.

Team Europe defeated Team USA, 15 to 13, to win the 2011 Solheim Cup at Killeen Castle in Ireland. The teams entered the final day tied, 8-8, and Europe eked out the win with late heroics from Suzann Pettersen and Caroline Hedwall.

Pettersen birdied the final three holes of her match against Michelle Wie to win, 1-up. And Hedwall was 2-down to Ryann O'Toole with two holes to play, but won those last two holes to gain the halve.

It was Hedwall's half-point that was the clincher, because at that time the only match left on the course was Azahara Munoz/Angela Stanford, and Munoz was dormie (a half-point guaranteed).

It was the first Solheim Cup win for Europe since 2003, making the overall series standings 8-4 in favor of Team USA.

Stars of the match? Sophie Gustafson and Morgan Pressel each went 4-0-0 for their teams (Europe and USA, respectively). Controversial captain's pick O'Toole was 2-0-2, earning three points. Catriona Matthew was also 2-0-2, earning three points for Europe.

The singles session got off to an ominous start for Team USA when Matthew quickly jumped ahead of Paula Creamer in the session's first game, and then when Cristie Kerr had to concede her match to Karen Stupples due to wrist tendinitis. Kerr was in too much pain warming up on the driving range to start the match, and withdrew because of the pain and because she couldn't properly hold onto her clubs.

Matthew wound up beating Creamer 6 and 5, the worst loss in a singles match by an American golfer to this point in Solheim Cup history.

Final Score: Europe 15, USA 13
Site: Killeen Castle, County Meath, Ireland
Captains: U.S., Rosie Jones; Europe, Alison Nicholas

Team Members
• USA: Cristie Kerr, Morgan Pressel, Stacy Lewis, Angela Stanford, Paula Creamer, Michelle Wie, Brittany Lincicome, Brittany Lang, Juli Inkster, Christina Kim, Vicky Hurst, Ryann O'Toole
• Europe: Melissa Reid, Laura Davies, Suzann Pettersen, Christel Boeljon, Maria Hjorth, Anna Nordqvist, Catriona Matthew, Sophie Gustafson, Sandra Gal, Caroline Hedwall, Azahara Munoz, Karen Stupples

Day 1 Results:

• Michelle Wie/Cristie Kerr, USA, def. Maria Hjorth/Anna Nordqvist, Europe, 2 and 1
• Paula Creamer/Brittany Lincicome, USA, def. Karen Stupples/Melissa Reid, 1-up
• Catriona Matthew/Azahara Munoz, Europe, def. Stacy Lewis/Angela Stanford, USA, 3 and 2
• Suzann Pettersen/Sophie Gustafson, Europe, def. Brittany Lang/Juli Inkster, USA, 1-up
• Morgan Pressel/Paula Creamer, USA, def. Laura Davies/Melissa Reid, Europe, 1-up
• Christina Kim/Ryann O'Toole, USA, halved with Catriona Matthew/Sandra Gal, Europe
• Sophie Gustafson/Caroline Hedwall, Europe, def. Vicky Hurst/Brittany Lincicome, USA, 5 and 4
• Suzann Pettersen/Anna Nordqvist, Europe, def. Cristie Kerr/Michelle Wie, USA, 2-up

Day 2 Results:

• Caroline Hedwall/Sophie Gustafson, Europe, def. Angela Stanford/Stacy Lewis, USA, 6 and 5
• Morgan Pressel/Ryann O'Toole, USA, def. Karen Stupples/Christel Boeljon, Europe, 3 and 2
• Maria Hjorth/Anna Nordqvist, Europe, def. Brittany Lang/Juli Inkster, USA, 3 and 2
• Cristie Kerr/Paula Creamer, USA, halved with Catriona Matthew/Azahara Munoz, Europe
• Laura Davies/Melissa Reid, Europe, def. Brittany Lang/Michelle Wie, USA, 4 and 3
• Morgan Pressel/Cristie Kerr, USA, def. Suzann Pettersen/Caroline Hedwall, Europe, 1-up
• Stacy Lewis/Ryann O'Toole, USA, def. Sandra Gal/Christel Boeljon, 2 and 1
• Paula Creamer/Brittany Lincicome, USA, def. Maria Hjorth/Azahara Munoz, Europe, 3 and 1

Day 3 Results:

Catriona Matthew, Europe, def. Paula Creamer, USA, 6 and 5
Sophie Gustafson, Europe, def. Stacy Lewis, USA, 2-up
Morgan Pressel, USA, def. Anna Nordqvist, Europe, 2 and 1
Juli Inkster, USA, halved with Laura Davies, Europe
Vicky Hurst, USA, def. Melissa Reid, Europe, 2-up
Christel Boeljon, Europe, def. Brittany Lincicome, USA, 2-up
Brittany Lang, USA, def. Sandra Gal, Europe, 6 and 5
Christina Kim, USA, def. Maria Hjorth, Europe, 3 and 2
Suzann Pettersen, Europe, def. Michelle Wie, USA, 1-up
Ryann O'Toole, USA, halved with Caroline Hedwall, Europe
Azahara Munoz, Europe, def. Angela Stanford, USA, 1-up
Karen Stupples, Europe, def. Cristie Kerr, USA, walkover (Kerr withdrew due to injury)

Player Records (wins-losses-halves)

Cristie Kerr, 2-2-1
Morgan Pressel, 4-0-0
Stacy Lewis, 1-3-0
Angela Stanford, 0-3-0
Paula Creamer, 3-1-1
Michelle Wie, 1-3-0
Brittany Lincicome, 2-2-0
Brittany Lang, 1-3-0
Juli Inkster, 0-2-1
Christina Kim, 1-0-1
Vicky Hurst, 1-1-0
Ryann O'Toole, 2-0-2

Melissa Reid, 1-3-0
Laura Davies, 1-1-1
Suzann Pettersen, 3-1-0
Christel Boeljon, 1-2-0
Maria Hjorth, 1-3-0
Anna Nordqvist, 2-2-0
Catriona Matthew, 2-0-2
Sophie Gustafson, 4-0-0
Sandra Gal, 0-2-1
Caroline Hedwall, 2-1-1
Azahara Munoz, 2-1-1
Karen Stupples, 1-2-0

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