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2007 Walker Cup


Trip Kuehne - 2007 Walker Cup Results

Trip Kuehne plants a kiss on the trophy after Team USA's victory in the 2007 Walker Cup.

David Cannon / Getty Images
Final Score: United States 12.5, Great Britain & Ireland 11.5
Site: Royal County Down, Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland
Captains: U.S. - Buddy Marucci; GB&I - Colin Dalgleish

Day 1 Results:

• Billy Horschel/Rickie Fowler, U.S., def. Lloyd Saltman/Rhys Davies, GBI, 4 and 3
• Rory McIlroy/Jonathan Caldwell, GBI, halved with Colt Knost/Dustin Johnson, U.S.
• John Parry/David Horsey, GBI, def. Trip Kuehne/Kyle Stanley, U.S., 2 and 1
• Jamie Moul/Daniel Willett, GBI, halved with Webb Simpson/Jonathan Moore, U.S.
• Billy Horschel, U.S., def. Rory McIlroy, GBI, 1-up
• Rickie Fowler, U.S., def. Lloyd Saltman, GBI, 5 and 4
• Rhys Davies, GBI, def. Dustin Johnson, U.S., 5 and 4
• Colt Knost, U.S., def. Daniel Willett, GBI, 2-up
• Jamie Lovemark, U.S., def. Llewellyn Matthews, GBI, 5 and 4
• Nigel Edwards, GBI, def. Kyle Stanley, U.S., 1-up
• Jamie Moul, GBI, def. Chris Kirk, U.S., 1-up
• David Horsey, GBI, def. Webb Simpson, U.S., 1-up

Day 2 Results:

• Billy Horschel/Rickie Fowler, U.S., def. Jonathan Caldwell/Rory McIlroy, 2 and 1
• Colt Knost/Dustin Johnson, U.S., def. Rhys Davies/Nigel Edwards, GBI, 1-up
• Trip Kuehne/Jonathan Moore, U.S., def. Jamie Moul/Daniel Willett, GBI, 4 and 2
• Chris Kirk/Jamie Lovemark, U.S., def. David Horsey/John Parry, GBI, 1-up
• Rory McIlroy, GBI, def. Billy Horschel, U.S., 4 and 2
• Rhys Davies, GBI, def. Rickie Fowler, U.S., 3 and 2
• Daniel Willett, GBI, halved with Colt Knost, U.S.
• Lloyd Saltman, GBI, def. Trip Kuehne, U.S, 2 and 1
• Jonathan Caldwell, GBI, def. Kyle Stanley, U.S., 2-up
• Jonathan Moore, U.S., def. Nigel Edwards, GBI, 1-up
• Jamie Lovemark, U.S., def. Jamie Moul, GBI, 4 and 3
• David Horsey, GBI, def. Webb Simpson, U.S., 1-up
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