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2005 Solheim Cup


Nancy Lopez and American rookies at 2005 Solheim Cup

Team captain Nancy Lopez (center) poses with the three American rookies who debuted in the 2005 Solheim Cup: (from left) Christina Kim, Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer. Those rookies combined for an 8-3-2 record.

David Cannon/Getty Images

USA 15.5, Europe 12.5:

The 2005 Solheim Cup was the most closely contested yet in the competition's history. The two sides entered the final day tied.

Europe won the first day, 5-3, while the USA won the second day, 5-3. Which resulted in an 8-8 tie heading into Sunday singles.

The USA jumped out quickly, winning the first five singles matches to reach 13 points. But the needed 14.5 points to reclaim the Solheim Cup wasn't reached until the next-to-last match, when Meg Mallon defeated Karen Stupples.

Team USA veterans Beth Daniel and Mallon each played in her final Solheim Cup this year, while Paula Creamer made her debut. The 19-year-old Creamer became the youngest player to date to play in the tournament, and posted a 3-1-1 record. Natalie Gulbis and Christina Kim were also rookies for Team USA, and those two combined to go 5-2-1. Annika Sorenstam lead Europe with a 4-1-0 mark.

Laura Diaz and Catriona Matthews met in singles, but they could have called it a fourball: Both players were pregnant.

Final Score: U.S. 15.5, Europe 12.5
Site: Crooked Stick Golf Club, Carmel, Ind.
Captains: Europe, Catrin Nilsmark; U.S., Nancy Lopez

Team Members
• USA: Paula Creamer, Beth Daniel, Laura Diaz, Natalie Gulbis, Pat Hurst, Juli Inkster, Rosie Jones, Cristie Kerr, Christina Kim, Meg Mallon, Michele Redman, Wendy Ward
• Europe: Laura Davies, Sophie Gustafson, Maria Hjorth, Trish Johnson, Carin Koch, Ludivine Kreutz, Catriona Matthew, Gwladys Nocera, Suzann Pettersen, Annika Sorenstam, Karen Stupples, Iben Tinning

Day 1 Results:

• Carin Koch/Catriona Matthew, Europe, halved with Beth Daniel/Paula Creamer, U.S.
• Laura Davies/Maria Hjorth, Europe, def. Christie Kerr/Natalie Gulbis, U.S., 2 and 1
• Sophie Gustafson/Trish Johnson, Europe, halved with Christina Kim/Pat Hurst, U.S.
• Annika Sorenstam/Suzann Petterson, Europe, def. Michelle Redman/Laura Diaz, U.S., 1-up

• Rosie Jones/Meg Mallon, U.S., def. Maria Hjorth/Iben Tinning, Europe, 3 and 2
• Christie Kerr/Natalie Gulbis, U.S., def. Sophie Gustafson/Karen Stupples, Europe, 2 and 1
• Annika Sorenstam/Catriona Matthew, Europe, def. Pat Hurst/Wendy Ward, U.S., 2 and 1
• Laura Davies/Suzann Petterson, Europe, def. Paula Creamer/Juli Inkster, U.S., 4 and 3

Day 2 Results:

• Christina Kim/Natalie Gulbis, U.S., def. Gwladys Nocera/Ludivine Kreutz, Europe, 4 and 2
• Paula Creamer/Juli Inkster, U.S., def. Laura Davies/Maria Hjorth, Europe, 3 and 2
• Sophie Gustafson/Carin Koch, Europe, def. Laura Diaz/Wendy Ward, U.S., 5 and 3
• Michelle Redman/Pat Hurst, U.S., def. Annika Sorenstam/Catriona Matthew, Europe, 1-up

• Iben Tinning/Trish Johnson, Europe, halved with Juli Inkster/Beth Daniel, U.S.
• Sophie Gustafson/Suzann Petterson, Europe, halved with Rosie Jones/Meg Mallon, U.S.
• Christie Kerr/Paula Creamer, U.S., def. Carin Koch/Catriona Matthew, Europe, 1-up
• Laura Davies/Annika Sorenstam, Europe, def. Christina Kim/Pat Hurst, U.S., 4 and 2

Day 3 Results:

• Juli Inkster, U.S., def. Sophie Gustafson, Europe, 2 and 1
• Paula Creamer, U.S., def. Laura Davies, Europe, 7 and 5
• Pat Hurst, U.S., def. Trish Johnson, Europe, 2 and 1
• Laura Diaz, U.S., def. Iben Tinning, Europe, 6 and 5
• Christina Kim, U.S., def. Ludivine Kreutz, Europe, 5 and 4
• Annika Sorenstam, Europe, def. Beth Daniel, U.S., 4 and 3
• Natalie Gulbis, U.S., def. Maria Hjorth, Europe, 2 and 1
• Catriona Matthew, Europe, def. Wendy Ward, U.S., 3 and 2
• Carin Koch, Europe, def. Michele Redman, U.S., 2 and 1
• Gwladys Nocera, Europe, def. Christie Kerr, U.S., 2 and 1
• Meg Mallon, U.S., def. Karen Stupples, Europe, 3 and 1
• Suzann Petterson, Europe, halved with Rosie Jones, U.S.

Team Records (wins-losses-halves)

Laura Davies, 3-2-0
Sophie Gustafson, 1-2-2
Maria Hjorth, 1-3-0
Trish Johnson, 0-1-2
Carin Koch, 2-1-1
Ludivine Kreutz, 0-2-0
Catriona Matthew, 2-2-1
Gwladys Nocera. 1-1-0
Suzann Pettersen, 2-0-2
Annika Sorenstam, 4-1-0
Karen Stupples, 0-2-0
Iben Tinning, 0-2-1

Paula Creamer, 3-1-1
Beth Daniel, 0-1-2
Laura Diaz, 1-2-0
Natalie Gulbis, 3-1-0
Pat Hurst, 2-2-1
Juli Inkster, 2-1-1
Rosie Jones, 1-0-2
Cristie Kerr, 2-2-0
Christina Kim, 2-1-1
Meg Mallon, 2-0-1
Michele Redman, 1-2-0
Wendy Ward, 0-3-0

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