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What is the Presidents Cup format and schedule of play?


Question: What is the Presidents Cup format and schedule of play?
Answer: The Presidents Cup format involves four days of play, using foursomes, fourball and singles match play, with 34 matches total taking place.

In the 1994, 1996 and 1998 Presidents Cups, the tournament was only three days long. Since 2000, a 4-day schedule has been used. The total of 34 matches, plus the current order of play, has been in use since the 2003 competition.

The current Presidents Cup format is this:

• Day 1: Six foursomes matches. All 24 players (12 from Team USA and 12 from Team International) are in action.

• Day 2: Six fourball matches. Again, all the team members play.

• Day 3: Five foursome matches in a morning session, followed by five fourball matches in an afternoon session. This is the only day of the competition on which players can sit out a session or the entire day's play, because both the morning and afternoon sessions require only 10 of 12 team members to play.

• Day 4: Twelve singles matches wrap up the Presidents Cup schedule.

Each match is worth 1 point to the winning side. If a fourball or foursomes match is all square after 18 holes, the match is halved and a half-point is given to each side. Singles matches, however, are played until a winner emerges. So if a singles match is all square after 18 holes, the two golfers continue until one of them wins a hole to win the match. (This is only in effect until one team clinches the overall Presidents Cup victory; at that point, any singles matches remaining on the course can be halved if they are tied after the 18th hole.)

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