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List of Conforming Golf Balls

Check Out the USGA, R&A List of Conforming Golf Balls


Golf manufacturers submit their golf balls to golf's governing bodies be tested. A ball is ruled conforming as long as it meets the standards set forth in Appendix III of the Rules of Golf. If a golf ball does not appear on the list of conforming balls, it is almost certainly non-conforming (or illegal for competitions conductions under the Rules of Golf, including handicap rounds).

The golf ball standards in Appendix III of the Rules of Golf govern weight, size, spherical symmetry (the ball must be round, in other words), initial velocity and overall distance standard.

When looking at the List of Conforming Golf Balls, you'll be struck by just how many golf balls are out there (and how many brands you've never heard of).

The list of conforming balls is good for more than just verifying conformity. It also tells you whether the ball is low, medium or high spin for both drivers and irons; the number of dimples; and the method of construction (2-piece, 3-piece, etc.).

Ready to check the list of conforming golf balls? Great - click the link below. Just be sure to read the section on how to read the list (really, it has some great info).

USGA List of Conforming Golf Balls

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