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The Rules of Golf - Learn to Play By the Rules

Let's face it - the rules of golf can be a very confusing thing to master. There are just so many of them, and they are frequently updated or amended. But these resources should help golfers get a grip on the rules of golf.
  1. Golf Etiquette (9)

Opponent - Definition from the Rules of Golf
This is the official definition of "opponent" as it appears in the Official Rules of Golf.

Anchoring Ban: Rule 14-1b and What It Affects in Golf
Get the facts on proposed Rule 14-1b and the ban on anchoring during a golf stroke, including the wording of the rule and FAQs, and whether the rule change bans the use of belly putters and long putters.

Golf Rules - The Rules of Golf
Browse through the Official Rules of Golf on About.com, or click to a specific rule to decipher a rules quandary.

Golf Rules at a Glance
Here is an introduction to the Rules of Golf that can give beginners in the game a quick glance and the key elements of the rules.

Golf Rules FAQ - Answers to FAQs about Golf Rules
This Golf Rules FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the Rules of Golf.

Do You Need to Worry About the New Groove Rules?
New groove rules go into effect in golf in 2010, but they won't apply to all golfers immediately. Find out if you need to worry about the new rules.

Golf Cheating - Worst Examples of Golf Cheating
What is the worst golf cheating you have personally witnessed on a golf course? The most blatant rulebreaking by someone you were paired with? Share your stories.

Poll: Following the Rules of Golf
How strictly do you follow the Rules of Golf when playing friendly rounds? Cast your vote in this poll, and see how others have voted.

USGA Rules of Amateur Status
What are The Rules of Amateur Status? Check out what the USGA says.

Most Common Penalties
Here's a list of the most common penalties in golf and how many strokes they'll cost you.

Top Books about Golf Rules and Etiquette
Looking for good books about the Rules of Golf and golf etiquette? Here's a list of recommendations.

Conforming Golf Balls - The List of Conforming Golf Balls
Check out the List of Conforming Golf Balls and find out which balls are legal for competition.

Non-Conforming Drivers - View the List of Non-Conforming Drivers
Check out the list of non-conforming drivers to see if your big stick is legal.

Match Play Primer - An Introduction to Match Play in Golf
Need an introduction to golf match play? This Match Play Primer, from the About.com Golf Guide, includes information about rules, competition formats, strategy and more on match play.

How to Play Stableford or Modified Stableford Competitions
Are you unsure of how a Stableford Competition or Modified Stableford Competition is played? This introduction to Stableford from the About.com Golf Guide should help.

USGA's Rules of Golf Homepage
The section of the USGA Web site, in addition to the Official Rules of Golf, also contains a FAQ, info on amateur status and etiquette, and much more.

R&A's Rules of Golf Homepage
The Royal & Ancient Golf Club's Rules of Golf homepage.

Do the Rules Specify What Should - or Shouldn't - Be Used As …
Do the Rules of Golf specifiy what types of objects can - or must - be used as ball markers on the putting green? That is the topic of this Rules FAQ from About.com.

Historical Rules of Golf
Ever wondered how the rules of golf have changed over time? Wonder no more. Just visit this site and choose a topic or choose a time period and you'll have your answer.

My ball landed in divot hole in fairway; can I move it out of the divot?
Your drive down the fairway comes to rest in a divot hole. Darn the luck! Do you get to move the ball without penalty? This Golf Rules FAQ answers that question.

What club is used to determine if I get relief, and when measuring club-lengths?
Which golf club do you use to determine whether you get relief from an immovable obstruction? And which club do you use to measure one or two club lengths when dropping? This FAQ from the About.com Golf Guide provides the answer.

Changes to Rules of Golf for 2012-15 Editions of Rulebook
The USGA and R&A announce changes to the Rules of Golf for the 2012-15 editions of the rulebook. Here is a look at the most significant updates.

TV Viewers and Golf Rules Violations
Should a golf fan watching a tournament on television be able to call in and alert officials to a rules violation that nobody else noticed? Voice your opinion here.

USGA, R&A Statement on Tiger Woods Ruling at 2013 Masters
The USGA and R&A issue a statement on the Tiger Woods ruling at the 2013 Masters, clarifying the issues involved and whether the ruling was reasonable and should be used as precedent.

The Meaning of Colored Stakes and Lines on the Golf Course
What do the different colored stakes and lines on a golf course signify? Find out what red, yellow and white stakes or lines mean on a golf course.

How Many Golf Clubs are You Allowed to Carry In Your Bag?
From the Golf Rules FAQ, the About Golf Guide answers the question, "How many clubs are allowed to be carried in competition?"

What's the Ruling When One Golf Ball Collides with Another?
What's the ruling in golf when one player's ball collides with another player's golf ball? Read this FAQ to find the answer and the ruling.

Rule 16: The Putting Green
Read Rule 16, which covers the putting green, from the Official Rules of Golf.

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