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Most Strokes Under Par in Men's Major Championship

PGA Tour Records: Lowest Score in Relation to Par in Major


Tiger Woods at the 2000 British Open

Tiger Woods won the 2000 British Open with a record-low score in relation to par of 19-under.

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

What are the lowest scores in relation to par (most strokes under par at the end of the tournament) in a men's major championship? Here are the golfers with the best numbers:

19-under par

  • Tiger Woods, 2000 British Open

18-under par

  • Nick Faldo, 1990 British Open
  • Tiger Woods, 1997 Masters
  • Tiger Woods, 2000 PGA Championship
  • Bob May, 2000 PGA Championship
  • Tiger Woods, 2006 British Open
  • Tiger Woods, 2006 PGA Championship

17-under par

  • Jack Nicklaus, 1965 Masters
  • Raymond Floyd, 1976 Masters
  • Steve Elkington, 1995 PGA Championship
  • Colin Montgomerie, 1995 PGA Championship

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