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Most Wins in One PGA Tour Season

PGA Tour Records: Biggest Single-Season Win Totals


Byron Nelson 1937 Ryder Cup

Byron Nelson holds the PGA Tour record for most wins in a single season.

Fox Photos / Getty Images
OK, everyone knows that Byron Nelson holds the record for most wins in one season on the PGA Tour. But here are the other biggest winners on Tour. Only a handful of golfers have won eight or more times in a single Tour season.

Byron Nelson, 1945

Ben Hogan, 1946

Sam Snead, 1950

Ben Hogan, 1948

Paul Runyan, 1933
Tiger Woods, 2000
Vijay Singh, 2004

Horton Smith, 1929
Gene Sarazen, 1930
Sam Snead, 1938
Byron Nelson, 1944
Arnold Palmer, 1960
Arnold Palmer, 1962
Johnny Miller, 1974
Tiger Woods, 1999
Tiger Woods, 2006

Tiger Woods is the only golfer to win eight or more times in one year in three different seasons. And if you're wondering where Jack Nicklaus is, the Golden Bear's highest single-season win total was 7. (There have been 13 7-win seasons in Tour history, most recently by Woods in 2007.)

There is frequent debate over Nelson's incredible 18-win season in 1945 because it was a war year and there were many golfers unable to play the PGA Tour that year. Nelson's 18 victories are partially due to there being less depth on tour that year, but Nelson was playing historically great golf that season. Read more about Nelson's 1945 season.

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