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Most Consecutive Wins on the PGA Tour

PGA Tour Records: Longest Winning Streaks


Byron Nelson most consecutive wins on pga tour

Byron Nelson won 11 in a row in the 1945 PGA Tour season.

Fox Photos / Getty Images
What are the longest winning streaks - the most tournaments won in a row - on the PGA Tour? Here's the list of the best streaks:

11 Wins in a Row
• Byron Nelson, 1945

7 Wins in a Row
• Tiger Woods, 2006-07

6 Wins in a Row
• Ben Hogan, 1948
• Tiger Woods, 1999-2000

5 Wins in a Row
• Tiger Woods, 2007-08

4 Wins in a Row
• Byron Nelson, 1945-46
• Jack Burke Jr., 1952
• Ben Hogan, 1953

Note: Only wins in official PGA Tour events are counted in these streaks, as recognized by the PGA Tour.

Source: PGA Tour

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