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Fewest Putts in a PGA Tour Tournament

PGA Tour Records: Fewest Putts, 72 Holes


Here are the golfers with the fewest putts taken in a PGA Tour event over four rounds, 72 holes:

92 putts

  • David Frost, Harbour Town GL, 2005 MCI Heritage
93 putts
  • Kenny Knox, Harbour Town GL, 1989 MCI Heritage Classic
  • Mark Calcavecchia, Forest Oaks CC, 2002 Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic
94 putts
  • Bob Tway, Harbour Town GL, 1986 MCI Heritage Classic
Note that three of the four golfers on this list achieved their great putting week on the same golf course, the Harbour Town Golf Links. Also note that none of the golfers listed above won his tournament.

Source: PGA Tour

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