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Fewest Putts in One Round on PGA Tour

PGA Tour Records: Fewest Putts, 18 Holes


Corey Pavin fewest putts in 18 holes

Corey Pavin is among the golfers sharing the PGA Tour record for fewest putts in a single round.

J.D. Cuban / Getty Images
The record for fewest putts needed in one 18-hole round of a PGA Tour event is shared by several golfers:

18 putts

  • Sam Trahan, final round, 1979 IV Philadelphia Golf Classic
  • Mike McGee, first round, 1987 Federal Express St. Jude Classic
  • Kenny Knox, first round, 1989 MCI Heritage Classic
  • Andy North, second round, 1990 Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic
  • Jim McGovern, second round, 1992 Federal Express St. Jude Classic
  • Corey Pavin, second round, 2000 Bell Canadian Open
  • Blake Adams, second round, 2010 Verizon Heritage

Source: PGA Tour

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