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Longest Sudden-Death Playoffs on the PGA Tour


Sudden-death playoffs are those that continue only until someone wins a hole, in a 2-person playoff; or until only one player is left in a multi-person playoff. Here are the longest sudden-death playoffs in PGA Tour history:

11 holes

  • 1949 Motor City Open: Cary Middlecoff and Lloyd Mangrum

8 holes

  • 1965 Azalea Open: Dick Hart def. Phil Rodgers
  • 1978 Greater Milwaukee Open: Lee Elder def. Lee Trevino
  • 1981 Quad Cities Open: Dave Barr def. Woody Blackburn, Dan Halldorson, Frank Conner, Victor Regalado
  • 1983 Phoenix Open: Bob Gilder def. Rex Caldwell, Johnny Miller, Mark O'Meara
  • 2012 Mayakoba Golf Classic: John Huh def. Robert Allenby

You might have noticed that a winner isn't indicated in the 11-hole Middlecoff-Mangrum playoff. That's because both players won. After 11 holes, by mutual agreement, the playoff was halted and Middlecoff and Mangrum were declared co-winners.

Source: PGA Tour

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