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Most Consecutive Wins in Same PGA Tour Tournament

PGA Tour Records - Consecutive Wins in Same Tournament


Young Tom Morris

Young Tom Morris was the first golfer to record four straight wins in what is now recognized as a PGA Tour event.

James Hardie / Hulton Archive / Getty Images
The record for most wins in a row in the same PGA Tour tournament is four, share by four golfers.

4 Wins in a Row
• Young Tom Morris, British Open: 1868-70 (no event 1871), 1872
• Walter Hagen, PGA Championship: 1924-1927
• Gene Sarazen, Miami Open: 1926 (no event 1927), 1928-1930
• Tiger Woods, Bay Hill Invitational: 2000-2003
• Tiger Woods, Buick Invitational: 2005-2008

Of course, the British Open in the 1860s and 1870s wasn't part of the PGA Tour - the PGA Tour wouldn't exist for decades to come. But the modern PGA Tour counts all past major championship victories as official PGA Tour wins, so Young Tom's feat counts.

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Source: PGA Tour

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