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In the Loop

A PGA Tour Caddie's Diary


Russ Holden

Russ Holden, in his white jumper and green cap, caddying for Bernhard Langer at the 2004 Masters.

What's life like on the PGA Tour? Russ Holden knows very well. He's the caddie for World Golf Hall of Fame member Bernhard Langer (and founder and CEO of the charitable organization, Caddy For a Cure). And he updates About.com Golf readers regularly about life on the PGA Tour with these "diary" entries. "In the Loop" is updated regularly throughout the PGA Tour season.

Aug. 16, 2005: Breaking into the caddying business
Aug. 13, 2005: PGA Championship lacks the feel of other majors
June 18, 2005: For whom the bells toll
June 18, 2005: A course setup designed by sadists
June 17 2005: Things that make you go 'hmmmmmmm'
June 15, 2004: Those Pinehurst greens
June 14, 2004: Arriving at Pinehurst
June 5, 2005: The Memorial and U.S. Open qualifying
May 23, 2005: The Texas two-step
May 2, 2005: Great food, good friends in New Orleans
April 15, 2005: Chilly first day at MCI Heritage
April 12, 2005: Strange days at The Masters
April 7, 2005: Rain delay at The Masters
April 5, 2005: Inside and outside the gates at Augusta
April 5, 2005: Arriving at The Masters
March 30, 2005: Rough week at The Players Championship

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