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If you are looking for Phil Mickelson on About.com, you've found our Lefty Index. Here we list our major Phil Mickelson features, such as bio and photos.

1. Is Phil Mickelson One of the Top 10 Golfers of All-Time?

Phil Mickelson Wins 2013 British Open
Andy Lyons / Getty Images
July 24, 2013 - After winning the 2013 British Open, Phil Mickelson stood at 42 career PGA Tour wins, including five major championships. Those are big, big numbers, particularly in this, the deepest era in golf history. Is Mickelson won of the 10 best golfers of all-time?

When I think of ranking the greats of any sport, I recall Bill James' use of "peak value" and "career value" in his baseball rankings. Peak value means a player's value in his best season, and in his best stretch of several seasons. Career value is, obviously, how well a player did over the long-term, how consistently good he was, how cumulatively great his numbers are.

Mickelson has never had that one monster season in which he dominated golf. In terms of peak value, Mickelson doesn't rank that high.

But career value is another story. It's funny, within any given season, Mickelson usually isn't all that consistent. He's hit and miss from week to week. But over the course of many seasons, he's very consistent: He just keeps winning. Mickelson first won on the PGA in 1991, as an amateur. Since 1993, he's won at least once every year except two. He's won as many as four tournaments in three different seasons, three in two years, and two in nine other seasons.

Mickelson has never won a money title, but he's finished lower than 14th only once since 1996, inside the Top 10 14 times, third four times and second five times.

In career value, and taking into account his era and the depth in golf today, Mickelson ranks very high.

So when I combine peak and career values for Mickelson, my own personal ranking of the greatest golfers ever winds up with Mickelson at No. 10. My answer to the question of the headline - is Mickelson one of the 10 best of all-time? - is yes. He's No. 10.

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2. Mickelson Wins the 2013 British Open

The tournament Phil Mickelson thought he would never win, because links golf just doesn't suit his game, was the British Open. Until 2013. When he won it. It was Mickelson's fifth career win in a major. Read a tourney recap and view the final scores.

3. Phil Mickelson Pictures

Phil Mickelson - 2008 Colonial
Scott Halleran / Getty Images
This is the page where our galleries of Phil Mickelson photos are indexed. Check here to find more pics of Phil.

4. Phil Mickelson Biography

Phil Mickelson - 2007 WGC CA Championship
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
Learn a little bit about the life of Lefty with this biographical profile of Mickelson.

5. Phil Mickelson Trivia Quiz

Just how well do you know Lefty? Try our trivia quiz to find out. Some of the questions are easy, some are difficult. So if you don't know the answer, you might learn some interesting facts about the golfer.

6. Mickelson Wins the 2010 Masters

Phil Mickelson 2010 Masters
Jamie Squire / Getty Images
It's the third Masters championship for Phil Mickelson, who surges on the back nine on Sunday to pass by Lee Westwood and claim another Green Jacket.

7. Phil Mickelson Wins

Phil Mickelson
Scott Halleran / Getty Images
Here is the list of victories on the PGA Tour recorded by Lefty, starting with the 1991 Northern Telecom Open (when he was still an amateur) and continuing to the present time.

8. Phil Mickelson Majors

Phil Mickelson 2005 PGA Championship
Doug Pensinger / Getty Images
A look at the major championships Lefty has won to date in his professional golf career.

9. Amy Mickelson Photos

Amy Mickelson
Andrew Redington / Getty Images
Here's a photo gallery that focuses on Amy Mickelson. Browse the images of Amy and Phil together, and learn a little bit more about Amy.

10. Official Web site

Here is Mickelson's official Web site.

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