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Gallery: Paula Creamer Wins the 2010 US Women's Open


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Bounce Back
Paula Creamer 2010 US Women's Open
Chris Graythen / Getty Images
Paula Creamer rolls a birdie putt on the 14th green during the final round of the 2010 U.S. Women's Open. The ball rolled right into the cup.

Two holes earlier, on the 12th, Creamer bogied. But she bounced back with this birdie on the 14th, then added another on the 15th.

Notice that her wrist is wrapped in the photo above. Creamer has had a series of problems in her career with her left wrist and with strained thumb ligaments. Two holes earlier at the 12th, she hit a shot that caused obvious pain to her in that hand, her reaction to the pain probably causing quite a bit of worry in fans who were watching. But Creamer has always been a tough player, and she shook off that pain to maintain - even stretch - her lead over the last several holes.

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