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Natalie Gulbis Pictures


Our Natalie Gulbis pictures are arranged into photo galleries from various points in her career, along with a "glamour shots" gallery listed first. Browse the pics by selecting a gallery below.

1. Natalie Gulbis Glamour Shots

Natalie Gulbis - Calendar Pics
Donald Miralle / Getty Images
Our most popular gallery of Gulbis images is this one, which includes pics from her calendars (including swimsuit photos), as well as shots of Gulbis walking the fashion runway, dressed up for public appearances, and posing for LPGA photo shoots.

2. At the 2008 LPGA Championship

Natalie Gulbis - 2008 LPGA Championship pictures
Photo by Richard Browne; used with permission
This gallery includes 21 photos of Gulbis at the 2008 LPGA Championship, on the course. The tournament was played at Bulle Rock in Maryland, and the pics were taken during practice rounds and include some candids.

3. At the 2008 Safeway International

Natalie Gulbis - 2008 Safeway International photos
Photo © Judy Hedding, Phoenix Guide; licensed to About.com
The images in this gallery were taken by About.com's Guide to Phoenix, Judy Hedding.

4. Practicing Before First Career Win

Natalie Gulbis - 2007 Evian Masters pictures
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
The first LPGA victory for Natalie Gulbis happened at the 2007 Evian Masters. And that's where these photos were taken by French photographer Patrick Micheletti.

5. Natalie at the 2007 Safeway International

Natalie Gulbis - 2007 Safeway International images
© Judy Hedding, Guide to Phoenix; used with permission
Back to Phoenix for this small gallery of Gulbis pictures from the Phoenix-area LPGA tournament.

6. Gulbis Gallery: 2006 Evian Masters

Natalia Gulbis - 2006 Evian Masters
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
We travel to France again for photos of Natalie Gulbis practicing before the 2006 Evian Masters. This gallery includes a couple excellent photos showing Gulbis' famous "dip" - not to mention the pics of her ponytail.

7. At the 2006 Florida's Natural Charity Classic

Natalie Gulbis - 2006 Florida Natural Charity Classic images
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
These Natalie Gulbic pictures include good shots of her on the driving range, plus the great close-up whose thumbnail appears to the left.

8. And More Natalie Gulbis Pictures

Natalie Gulbis - 2006 Floridas Natural pics
Photo © Bret Douglas, licensed to About.com; may not be reproduced without permission
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