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Morgan Pressel Pictures

Photo Galleries of LPGA Golfer Morgan Pressel


This Morgan Pressel Pictures page indexes the various photo galleries of the golfer that appear here on About.com. Morgan Pressel first gained wide notice when she was only 12 years old and played her way into the U.S. Women's Open. Once she was all grown up, that early potential was realized when she became the youngest-ever major championship winner in women's golf, and she became a regular contender in LPGA tournaments. Click on a gallery below to view the Pressel pics.

Morgan Pressel Glamour Shots

Morgan Pressel Pictures
Scott Halleran / Getty Images
This gallery is updated over time with new additions. It features "glamour shots" of Pressel, images of the golfer posing for photo shoots, or taking part in fashion shows, or dressed up to attend functions or parties.

Pressel at the 2009 Solheim Cup

Morgan Pressel Pics - 2009 Solheim Cup
David Cannon / Getty Images
The 2009 Solheim Cup was a victory for Team USA over Team Europe. Morgan Pressel was an important part of Team USA, as much for her fiery disposition as for her play. This gallery includes Pressel pics from that team competition.

Morgan Pressel Wins the Kapalua Classic

Morgan Pressel Pictures - 2008 Kapalua LPGA Classic
Donald Miralle / Getty Images
Alas, the Kapalua Classic was only played one year on the LPGA Tour (2008), but Pressel made the most of the opportunity by winning the tournament. At least that way she can always claim to be the only golfer to win the tournament.

At the 2007 LPGA Championship

Morgan Pressel Photos - 2007 LPGA Championship
Photo by Richard Browne; used with permission
These Morgan Pressel pictures in this gallery were taken during practice days for the LPGA Championship, one of the tour's majors.

An American Near Paris

Morgan Pressel Pictures - 2006 Evian Masters
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
See images of golfer Morgan Pressel as she plays the LPGA Evian Masters tournament in France in 2006. This was her rookie season on the LPGA Tour.

Morgan Pressel Pics: 2006 LPGA Championship

Morgan Pressel 2006 LPGA Championship
Photo by Richard Browne; May Not Be Reproduced Without Permission
Another early gallery showcasing the young Pressel at the LPGA Championship. This gallery includes nine photos of Pressel taken during practice days for the event.

Pressel at the 2006 Florida's Natural Charity Classic

Morgan Pressel photos - 2006 Florida Natural Charity Classic
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
This tournament was one hosted by LPGA legend Nancy Lopez. Alas, the tournament no longer exists. But our photos of Morgan Pressel playing the tournament do still exist.

Amateur Morgan Pressel in 2005

Morgan Pressel Pictures - 2005 Wendy's Championship
Photo by Rich Sharick
Our "oldest" gallery is the "youngest" of Morgan Pressel. She was a 17-year-old amateur when these pics were taken at the 2005 Wendy's Championship. That was a tournament played in Ohio, and Pressel - one of the top amateurs in the world at that time - was playing on a sponsor exemption.
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