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Mini Golf Courses

Mini golf courses can offer fun family outings or diversions just for one or two. Below is information about mini golf courses, including a course finder plus links from around About.com. (If you're interested in major - as opposed to miniature golf courses - the real-grass, 7,000-yard long tracks for golfers, see our main Golf Courses page.)

Mini Golf Courses in Washington D.C. Area
The About.com Guide to Washington, D.C., lists mini golf courses in D.C. along with suburban Virginia and Maryland.

Top Places to Play Miniature Golf in Oklahoma City
Here is a list of the best miniature golf courses in Oklahoma City, courtesy of the About.com OKC Guide.

Fore! Mini Golf in Minneapolis and St. Paul
About.com's Guide to the Twin Cities of Minnesota runs down the miniature golf courses in that metropolitan area.

Mini-Golf in Queens
About.com's Guide to Queens lists the miniature golf courses to be found in this borough of New York City.

London - Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf
About.com's Guide to London Travel reviews this elaborate miniature golf course.

Memphis - Putt-Putt Golf and Games
The Putt-Putt Golf and Games facility in Memphis, Tenn., includes a miniature golf courses, and the About.com Memphis Guide describes it.

Orlando - Fantasia Gardens at Disney World
About.com's Orlando Guide provides information about the Fantasia Gardens miniature golf course at Walt Disney World. ...

Orlando - Winter Summerland at Disney World
... and also about the Winter Summerland course at Walt Disney World.

Philadelphia - Philly Mini Golf
Philly Mini Golf is a course located in Franklin Square. Visitors play through favorite Philadelphia icons including Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia Museum of Art (with the Rocky Steps) and the Liberty Bell.

Phoenix - Castles and Coasters
A quick look at the miniature golf courses that are part of the Phoenix recreation compound known as Castles and Coasters.

Voyager of the Seas Cruise Ship Course
Here'a look at the course aboard the Voyager of the Seas cruise ship.

Freedom of the Seas Cruise Ship Course
And here's a look at the course on board the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship.

US Mini Golf Course Locator
This Web site allows visitors to search for miniature golf courses in the states of the USA.

Putt Putt Fun Centers
Miniature golf is often called "putt putt," and this company is why. It holds the trademark on that term, and its Web site includes a locator map of all its facilities in the U.S.

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