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Michelle Wie at Stanford: Major? Graduation? Was she on golf team?


Question: Michelle Wie at Stanford: Major? Graduation? Was she on golf team?
When did Michelle Wie enroll at Stanford University, and did she graduate? What did she study while there? Did she get good grades? Did she play on the Stanford golf team?
Answer: Let's take these questions about Michelle Wie at Stanford one at a time:

1. When did Wie enroll at Stanford? Answer: Wie enrolled as a freshman at Stanford in September 2007.

2. When did Wie graduate? Answer: Wie completed studies at Stanford in Spring 2012. So she completed her time at the university in 4 1/2 despite taking two semesters off from school each year to play golf during the summer; and despite missing time in the Winter and Fall semesters to play individual golf tournaments. Her graduation ceremony took place on June 17, 2012. Her degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

3. What did Wie study at Stanford? Answer: Wie majored in communications. Among the classes she took (both as part of the communications major and outside of that major) were Journalism, American Government, Japanese and classes relating to statistical analysis.

4. Did Wie get good grades at Stanford? Based on comments made by Wie herself, she appears to have started out very strong and then tailed off over time. A few days after completing finals in March 2011, Wie played the LPGA Kia Classic. There, as quoted by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Wie said, "I have no idea what my GPA is now. It's still above 3.0. I'm keeping my head above water. It used to be so good my freshman year and then a steady decline." She later said that those March 2011 finals had gone "miserably."

During Wie's time at Stanford, she took heavy course loads in the Fall and Winter semesters, typically 20 hours in the Winter semester and 16 hours in the Fall semester (according to the Los Angeles Times). She also misses some school time for tournaments, and sometimes completes coursework remotely.

5. Did Michelle Wie play on the Stanford golf team? No. Because Wie is a professional golfer, she was ineligible to play collegiate golf. She was allowed to use the Stanford University golf facilities to practice, however.

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