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The Masters Trophy


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Does the Winner of The Masters Receive a Trophy?
Phil Mickelson admires the Masters trophy.

Phil Mickelson admires the Masters trophy after winning the tournament in 2004.

David Cannon / Getty Images
Yes! Everyone knows that the winner of The Masters Tournament receives the famous Green Jacket. It's less well-know that there is also a Masters trophy, and it, too, is presented to the winner.

The winner isn't the only golfer at The Masters who receives a trophy, however; there are multiple trophies, medals and other awards handed out each year. We'll go over those on this and the following two pages.

The Masters Trophy

The Masters trophy - a replica of the Augusta National Golf Club clubhouse - is the one you see in the image above. The names of the winner and runner-up at each Masters are engraved onto the trophy each year. It is made of more than 900 pieces of silver, according to Masters.com, and rests on a pedestal around which are the silver bands bearing the golfers' names.

The trophy was introduced in 1961 and is permanently housed in the Augusta National clubhouse. Since 1993 a sterling silver replica of the original has been presented to the Masters champion.

So here is what each Masters champion receives upon his victory:

  • The Green Jacket
  • A replica of the Masters trophy
  • A 2.3-ounce, 3.4-inch gold medal that includes the words "Augusta National Golf Club" and a rendering of Founders Circle
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