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2015 Masters
Dates, Qualifying Criteria for 2015 Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters is one of the four major championships in men's professional golf. Here is information on the 2015 Masters golf tournament:

Dates: April 9-12, 2015
Location: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.
Tickets: See "How to get Masters tickets"

Poll: Which Masters champ would you most want to play Augusta National with? (click your choice to cast vote)
1) Ben Hogan
2) Phil Mickelson
3) Byron Nelson
4) Jack Nicklaus
5) Arnold Palmer
6) Tiger Woods

Photos of Augusta National
Check out these images of Augusta National Golf Club:
Gallery I | Gallery II | Par-3 Course
• Have you attended The Masters? Share your stories and photos

Visit our Masters homepage for past champions, tournament trivia, course photos, FAQs and much more about The Masters.

Qualifying Criteria for the 2015 Masters Golf Tournament
There are multiple ways that golfers can qualify to receive an invitation to play in The Masters - 18 different qualifying criteria. In addition, The Masters Committee can, at its discretion, invite international players who did not meet any of the 18 qualifying criteria below.

Who earns invitations to the 2015 Masters golf tournament? Players who meet at least one of these qualifications:

  • Former winners of The Masters
  • Winners of the last five U.S. Opens
  • Winners of the last five British Opens
  • Winners of the last five PGA Championships
  • Winners of the last three Players Championships
  • Winner and runner-up from the last U.S. Amateur Championship
  • Winner of the last British Amateur Championship
  • Winner of the last Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship
  • Winner of the last U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship
  • Winner of the last U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship
  • The top 12 finishers (including ties) from last year's Masters tournament
  • The top 4 finishers (including ties), from last year's U.S. Open
  • The top 4 finishers (including ties) from last year's British Open
  • The top 4 finishers (including ties) from last year's PGA Championship
  • Winners of PGA Tour events that award full FedEx Cup points, from the period of the previous Masters to the current Masters
  • All golfers who qualified for the previous year's Tour Championship
  • The Top 50 golfers in the final Official World Golf Ranking of the previous calendar year
  • The Top 50 golfers in the Official World Golf Ranking from the week prior to the current Masters

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