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1977 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1977 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Twelve players were within three strokes of the lead as the final round began at the 1977 U.S. Open. The golfer who held that lead was Hubert Green.

Green had won 11 times on the PGA Tour at this point in his career, but was still looking for his first victory in a major championship. But before that final round began, a disturbing phone call was received by authorities.

A caller to the Oklahoma City, Okla., FBI office said three men were on their way to Tulsa, Okla., and Southern Hills Country Club, to shoot and kill Green. The attempt on Green's life would be made on the 15th hole, the caller said. To this day, nobody knows if the threat was credible and serious, or whether it was a cruel hoax. But imagine trying to win your first major championship under those circumstances.

Due to mistakes and oversights earlier in the day, Green wasn't informed of the threat until he walked off the green of the 14th hole.

After hearing of the threat, Green decided to keep playing without delay. But he hooked his drive on the 15th into a tree - which might have been the only thing keeping the ball from going out of bounds. Green hit his approach to 35 feet and 2-putted for par. No shots rang out, no snipers were found on or around the course. Green survived the 15th, literally and figuratively, and then birdied the 16th to take a 2-stroke lead.

Green wound up with a 70 in that final round to win by one stroke over 1975 U.S. Open champ Lou Graham. Graham started the day three shots behind Green, but ran off four birdies on the back nine. Green had to make a 3-foot putt on the final hole to avoid a playoff, and rolled it in for the win.

The 1977 U.S. Open was the final one played by Sam Snead, who shot 74-78 and missed the cut.

1977 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1977 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-70 Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma (a-amateur):

Hubert Green 69-67-72-70--278 $45,000
Lou Graham 72-71-68-68--279 $23,500
Tom Weiskopf 71-71-68-71--281 $16,000
Tom Purtzer 69-69-72-72--282 $13,000
Jay Haas 72-68-71-72--283 $10,875
Gary Jacobsen 73-70-67-73--283 $10,875
Lyn Lott 73-73-68-70--284 $8,000
Terry Diehl 69-68-73-74--284 $8,000
Tom Watson 74-72-71-67--284 $8,000
Mike McCullough 73-73-69-70--285 $4,100
Rod Funseth 69-70-72-74--285 $4,100
Peter Oosterhuis 71-70-74-70--285 $4,100
Jack Nicklaus 74-68-71-72--285 $4,100
Al Geiberger 70-71-75-69--285 $4,100
Gary Player 72-67-71-75--285 $4,100
Steve Melnyk 70-73-70-73--286 $2,400
Joe Inman 70-70-72-74--286 $2,400
Wally Armstrong 71-70-70-75--286 $2,400
Arnold Palmer 70-72-73-72--287 $1,887
Bruce Lietzke 74-68-71-74--287 $1,887
Billy Kratzert 73-69-75-70--287 $1,887
Jerry McGee 76-69-76-66--287 $1,887
Ron Streck 73-73-71-71--288 $1,700
Sam Adams 70-69-76-73--288 $1,700
Andy Bean 71-70-68-79--288 $1,700
Gay Brewer 73-72-70-74--289 $1,600
Mike Morley 70-73-74-73--290 $1,412
George Archer 73-72-74-71--290 $1,412
Lee Trevino 74-70-73-73--290 $1,412
J.C. Snead 72-75-68-75--290 $1,412
Tom Kite 71-73-70-76--290 $1,412
Johnny Miller 71-73-70-76--290 $1,412
John Lister 72-73-68-77--290 $1,412
Don Padgett 70-74-66-80--290 $1,412
Graham Marsh 74-72-72-73--291 $1,270
Grier Jones 69-75-72-75--291 $1,270
Rod Curl 75-71-73-72--291 $1,270
Jim Simons 75-67-71-78--291 $1,270
Florentino Molina 69-76-75-72--292 $1,210
Rik Massengale 71-72-77-72--292 $1,210
Mark Hayes 76-68-73-76--293 $1,180
Hale Irwin 73-71-77-72--293 $1,180
Gil Morgan 76-70-69-78--293 $1,180
Phil Hancock 74-73-72-75--294 $1,150
Bruce Fleisher 73-69-74-78--294 $1,150
Fuzzy Zoeller 73-69-79-73--294 $1,150
Raymond Floyd 73-73-78-71--295 $1,125
David Canipe 74-73-70-78--295 $1,125
George Burns 70-75-76-75--296 $1,095
Jim Dent 76-71-74-75--296 $1,095
Ben Crenshaw 74-71-72-79--296 $1,095
Morris Hatalsky 70-74-72-80--296 $1,095
Bill Mallon 73-71-77-77--298 $1,070
a-Lindy Miller 73-73-76-77--299  
Larry Nelson 69-75-78-77--299 $1,055
John Melnick 71-75-78-75--299 $1,055
Bob E. Smith 70-77-77-76--300 $1,040
a-John Fought 73-74-78-77--302  
Vince Bizik 71-76-76-79--302 $1,030
Chi Chi Rodriguez 74-71-75-84--304 $1,020

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