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1972 Masters
Recap and Scores for the 1972 Masters Golf Tournament

Jack Nicklaus took the lead on Day 1 with a 68, and never gave it up for a wire-to-wire win at the 1972 Masters. He was the only golfer to finish under par.

With the win, Nicklaus became the second golfer to collect four victories in The Masters. Arnold Palmer was the first. And it was Nicklaus' 10th victory as a professional in major championships.

Five amateurs made the cut at the 1972 Masters. Among them were future 2-time Masters champion Ben Crenshaw, and future U.S. Open winner Tom Kite. Crenshaw and Kite were teammates on the University of Texas golf team at the time. Also making the cut as an amateur was Jim McLean, who would later become one of the most famous golf instructors in the game.

The 1972 Masters was the first played without tournament founder Bobby Jones, who died in December of 1971.

1972 Masters Scores
Results from the 1972 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (a-amateur):

Jack Nicklaus 68-71-73-74--286$25,000
Bruce Crampton 72-75-69-73--289$15,833
Bobby Mitchell 73-72-71-73--289$15,833
Tom Weiskopf 74-71-70-74--289$15,833
Homero Blancas 76-71-69-74--290$6,200
Bruce Devlin 74-75-70-71--290$6,200
Jerry Heard 73-71-72-74--290$6,200
Jim Jamieson 72-70-71-77--290$6,200
Jerry McGee 73-74-71-72--290$6,200
Gary Player 73-75-72-71--291$3,600
Dave Stockton 76-70-74-71--291$3,600
George Archer 73-75-72-72--292$3,100
Charles Coody 73-70-74-75--292$3,100
Al Geiberger 76-70-74-72--292$3,100
Steve Melnyk 72-72-74-74--292$3,100
Bert Yancey 72-69-76-75--292$3,100
Billy Casper 75-71-74-74--294$2,750
Bob Goalby 73-76-72-73--294$2,750
a-Ben Crenshaw 73-74-74-74--295  
Takaaki Kono 76-72-73-74--295$2,500
Lanny Wadkins 72-72-77-74--295$2,500
Bob Charles 72-76-74-74--296$2,160
Roberto De Vicenzo 75-69-76-76--296$2,160
Gardner Dickinson 77-72-73-74--296$2,160
Hubert Green 75-74-74-73--296$2,160
Paul Harney 71-69-75-81--296$2,160
Tony Jacklin 72-76-75-74--297$1,750
a-Tom Kite 74-74-76-73--297  
Sam Snead 69-75-76-77--297$1,750
J.C. Snead 74-77-72-75--298$1,750
Bert Greene 75-75-77-72--299$1,750
Bobby Nichols 72-71-80-76--299$1,750
Harry Bannerman 78-72-72-78--300$1,675
Grier Jones 73-75-76-76--300$1,675
Arnold Palmer 70-75-74-81--300$1,675
Lee Trevino 75-76-77-72--300$1,675
Lu Liang-Huan 75-72-80-74--301$1,675
Gibby Gilbert 72-76-74-81--303$1,675
Peter Oosterhuis 74-76-80-73--303$1,675
Ken Still 74-77-77-76--304$1,675
Frank Beard 72-79-79-76--306$1,600
a-Jim Simons 71-79-76-80--306  
a-Jim McLean 75-75-78-79--307  
Bob Murphy 75-76-77-79--307$1,600
Larry Hinson 77-74-79-78--308$1,600
Bob Rosburg 74-73-83-78--308$1,600
a-Dewitt Weaver 74-76-81-79--310  

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