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1972 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1972 British Open Golf Tournament

The 1972 British Open was a battle between defending champion Lee Trevino, home hopeful Tony Jacklin, and Jack Nicklaus, who was attempting to win this third straight major and keep alive hopes for a Grand Slam.

After 36 holes, they were 1-2-3, Trevino and Jacklin tied for the lead, Nicklaus one behind.

Nicklaus had already won the 1972 Masters, and followed that by winning the 1972 U.S. Open. Now, at Muirfield - the club that Nicklaus named his own course in Ohio (Muirfield Village) after - the Bear was chasing that Grand Slam.

Only to lose ground in the third round, shooting 71 while Trevino carded a 66 and Jacklin a 67. That dropped Nicklaus back to fifth, six strokes behind Trevino.

It looked as if it would be two-man battle in the final round between Trevino and Jacklin. Trevino was very popular with British Open fans, but Englishman Jacklin carried the hopes of most in the crowd. He was the 1969 British Open winner, and 1970 U.S. Open winner. And entering the final round, Jacklin trailed Trevino by one stroke.

That set up a very interesting final round, largely because Nicklaus, it turned out, wasn't quite ready to give up on that Grand Slam dream. By the time Trevino and Jacklin, playing together, made the turn, Nicklaus had seized the lead. He wound up shooting 66, taking the clubhouse lead at 279.

But by the time Trevino and Jacklin reached the 17th hole, they were tied for the lead again, one in front of Nicklaus. There, it appeared that Jacklin would take control and win - but instead, Trevino flipped that expectation on its head.

Trevino got in trouble off the tee on the par-5, and stayed in trouble until his ball was laying four over the back of the green. Jacklin was on the green laying three.

Then Trevino - who later admitted he was so frustrated at how poorly he'd played the hole that he wasn't even giving his best effort - quickly stepped up to his chip shot and gave the ball a rap. And the ball ran right into the hole for an improbable and unexpected par save.

Perhaps Jacklin was rattled, but he proceeded to 3-putt for bogey, giving Trevino a one-stroke lead.

Trevino parred the last to win the championship. Jacklin bogied, placing Nicklaus second and Jacklin third.

Jacklin never again finished inside the Top 10 in a major. Trevino now had back-to-back British Open wins and his fourth career major (he won two more).

And Nicklaus? He didn't win, his Grand Slam dream was over. But Nicklaus was in the midst of a truly remarkable run at the British Open. From 1966 through 1980, Nicklaus finished inside the Top 6 at the British Open every single year. That stretch included three wins and four seconds.

Also of note at the 1972 British Open: Billy Casper played the Open Championship only five times, in the latter stage of his career. His final appearance in the tournament was here. He finished tied for 40th.

1972 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1972 British Open golf tournament played at the par-71 Muirfield in Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland (a-amateur):

Lee Trevino 71-70-66-71--278
Jack Nicklaus 70-72-71-66--279
Tony Jacklin 69-72-67-72--280
Doug Sanders 71-71-69-70--281
Brian Barnes 71-72-69-71--283
Gary Player 71-71-76-67--285
Arnold Palmer 73-73-69-71--286
Tom Weiskopf 73-74-70-69--286
David Vaughan 74-73-70-69--286
Guy Hunt 75-72-67-72--286
Clive Clark 72-71-73-71--287
Dave Marr 70-74-71-72--287
Peter Townsend 70-72-76-70--288
Roberto Bernardini 73-71-76-68--288
Jan Dorrestein 74-71-72-72--289
Peter Butler 72-75-73-69--289
Bob Charles 75-70-74-70--289
Johnny Miller 76-66-72-75--289
Bert Yancey 73-72-72-73--290
Maurice Bembridge 73-71-75-71--290
Frank Beard 70-76-74-70--290
Harry Bannerman 77-73-73-67--290
Doug McClelland 73-74-72-72--291
Christy O'Connor Sr. 73-74-73-71--291
a-Craig Defoy 70-75-71-75--291
Bruce Devlin 75-70-77-70--292
Brian Huggett 73-72-79-68--292
Jerry Heard 75-75-71-72--293
Peter Oosterhuis 75-75-73-70--293
John Garner 71-71-76-75--293
a-Min Nan Hsieh 75-75-73-71--294
Dave Stockton 72-72-76-74--294
Gordon Cunningham 76-75-73-70--294
Peter Thomson 71-72-74-77--294
Brian Thomson 74-77-72-71--294
Peter Alliss 74-74-77-69--294
Bob Shearer 77-75-68-74--294
Vicente Fernandez 78-74-73-69--294
Kel Nagle 79-72-74-69--294
Billy Casper 72-74-74-75--295
Chi Hsiung Kuo 74-72-76-73--295
Tommy Horton 76-72-73-74--295
Vincent Hood 76-74-72-73--295
Jack Newton 77-72-70-76--295
Liang-Huan Lu 77-73-71-74--295
Ernie Jones 75-74-74-73--296
Sam Torrance 72-74-76-74--296
David Oakley 72-75-77-72--296
Peter Tupling 68-74-73-81--296
Andrew Brooks 74-74-75-75--298
Doug Sewell 75-74-75-74--298
David Talbot 72-76-76-74--298
Brian Hutchinson 74-73-74-77--298
Norman Wood 74-78-71-75--298
Graham Marsh 78-73-74-73--298
John O'Leary 75-76-74-74--299
David Llewellyn 72-73-79-75--299
Bobby Walker 74-74-74-78--300
Antonio Garrido 71-77-77-76--301
Tienie Britz 75-77-73-76--301
Jimmy Hume 77-70-77-77--301
Gary Baleson 76-73-73-80--302
John Fowler 76-76-71-81--304
Stuart Brown 81-70-74-80--305

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