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1967 Masters
Recap and Scores for the 1967 Masters Golf Tournament

The previous year, Gay Brewer was involved in a three-man playoff, a playoff that was won by Jack Nicklaus. But at the 1967 Masters, Brewer took care of business in regulation, winning by one stroke after a final-round 67.

This was Brewer's second win in 1967, and the 10th win of his PGA Tour career. He would win only one more time on the PGA Tour, and not for another five years.

Nicklaus, meanwhile, was going for his third consecutive Masters victory after wins in 1965 and 1966, and he failed miserably at that attempt - missing the cut after a second-round 79.

A whopping eight amateurs did make the cut, including Johnny Miller, making his first Masters appearance. Two-time Ben Hogan finished tied for 10th in what was his final time playing The Masters, while 3-time winner Jimmy Demaret missed the cut in his final time playing.

1967 Masters Scores
Results from the 1967 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (a-amateur):

Gay Brewer 73-68-72-67--280$20,000
Bobby Nichols 72-69-70-70--281$14,000
Bert Yancey 67-73-71-73--284$9,000
Anold Palmer 73-73-70-69--285$6,600
Julius Boros 71-70-70-75--286$5,500
Paul Harney 73-71-74-69--287$4,150
Gary Player 75-69-72-71--287$4,150
Tommy Aaron 75-68-74-71--288$3,350
Lionel Hebert 77-71-67-73--288$3,350
Roberto De Vicenzo 73-72-74-71--290$2,720
Bruce Devlin 74-70-75-71--290$2,720
Ben Hogan 74-73-66-77--290$2,720
Mason Rudolph 72-76-72-70--290$2,720
Sam Snead 72-76-71-71--290$2,720
Jacky Cupit 73-76-67-75--291$2,400
George Archer 75-67-72-78--292$2,100
Wes Ellis 79-71-74-68--292$2,100
Tony Jacklin 71-70-74-77--292$2,100
Dave Marr 73-74-70-75--292$2,100
Doug Sanders 74-72-73-73--292$2,100
Jay Hebert 72-77-68-76--293$1,700
Bob Rosburg 73-72-76-72--293$1,700
Ken Venturi 76-73-71-73--293$1,700
Peter Butler 72-73-77-72--294$1,500
Billy Casper 70-74-75-75--294$1,500
Frank Beard 74-75-75-71--295$1,300
Tommy Bolt 72-77-72-74--295$1,300
Don January 74-74-76-71--295$1,300
Gene Littler 72-74-74-75--295$1,300
Chi Chi Rodriguez 73-73-73-76--295$1,300
Doug Ford 74-69-82-71--296$1,300
Rod Funseth 74-73-78-71--296$1,300
George Knudson 72-74-75-75--296$1,300
Kel Nagle 73-75-74-74--296$1,300
Ramon Sota 74-73-73-76--296$1,300
Gardner Dickinson 77-70-73-77--297$1,275
Terry Dill 73-76-72-76--297$1,275
Al Geiberger 77-73-72-75--297$1,275
a-Downing Gray 70-76-75-76--297  
Harold Henning 74-73-77-73--297$1,275
Phil Rodgers 72-77-75-73--297$1,275
a-Deane Beman 74-76-74-74--298  
Rives McBee 75-73-74-76--298$1,275
a-Don Allen 75-71-78-76--300  
a-Bobby Cole 75-73-74-78--300  
a-Ron Cerrudo 76-73-77-75--301  
Chen Ching-Po 74-76-72-79--301$1,250
Dave Thomas 74-74-72-81--301$1,250
Bruce Crampton 77-73-75-77--302$1,250
Don Massengale 74-73-77-78--302$1,250
Art Wall Jr. 74-76-77-75--302$1,250
a-Bob Murphy 73-77-76-77--303  
Jack Burke Jr. 76-74-74-81--305$1,250
a-Johnny Miller 72-78-81-74--305  
a-Joe Carr 76-74-79-84--313  

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