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1964 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1964 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

The following year, at the 1965 U.S. Open, the USGA changed the schedule of play for its marquee event: The tournament went to four days, 18 holes per day.

So the 1964 U.S. Open was the last played under the previous schedule: three days, 18 holes each of the first two days, 36 holes on the third and final day.

The format at the 1964 U.S. Open is especially relevant because of the circumstance the eventual winner, Ken Venturi, found himself in over those final 36 holes.

The leader entering the third round was Tommy Jacobs, who shot 64 - tying the U.S. Open record of that time - in the second round. Jacobs carded a third-round 70 and held a 2-stroke lead over Venturi going into the final round.

It was a very hot week in the Washington, D.C., suburbs at Congressional Country Club, and following his morning 18 - in which he fired a 66 - Venturi was showing signs of dehydration. Between rounds he downed lots of fluids along with salt tablets. An on-site doctor told Venturi to withdraw - to play the afternoon 18, the doctor said, was risking heat stroke.

But Venturi did play, trying to keep cool by using cold compresses and ice packs. And as he staggered around the course that afternoon, Venturi kept making shots. He wound up shooting 70 to Jacobs' 76, claiming a four-stroke victory. As his final putt dropped into the cup, Venturi, the USGA history states, raised his arms and said, "My God, I've won the Open."

Venturi's win was certainly a surprise. He hadn't won on the PGA Tour in four years, and hadn't even qualified for the U.S. Open the previous three years. It was also something of a vindication for Venturi, who at the 1956 Masters, as an amateur, took a 4-stroke lead into the final round only to shoot 80 and lose.

But at the 1964 U.S. Open, against the odds - and against doctor's advice - Venturi achieved victory in a major championship.

Raymond Floyd played the U.S. Open for the first time this year, finishing tied for 14th.

1964 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1964 U.S. Open golf tournament played on the par-70 Blue Course of Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland (a-amateur):

Ken Venturi 72-70-66-70--278 $17,500
Tommy Jacobs 72-64-70-76--282 $8,500
Bob Charles 72-72-71-68--283 $6,000
Billy Casper 71-74-69-71--285 $5,000
Gay Brewer 76-69-73-68--286 $3,750
Arnold Palmer 68-69-75-74--286 $3,750
Bill Collins 70-71-74-72--287 $3,000
Dow Finsterwald 73-72-71-72--288 $2,500
Johnny Pott 71-73-73-72--289 $1,950
Bob Rosburg 73-73-70-73--289 $1,950
George Bayer 75-73-72-71--291 $1,333
Don January 75-73-74-69--291 $1,333
Gene Littler 73-71-74-73--291 $1,333
Bruce Crampton 72-71-75-74--292 $900
Terry Dill 73-73-75-71--292 $900
Raymond Floyd 73-70-72-77--292 $900
Ed Furgol 72-74-72-74--292 $900
Al Geiberger 74-70-75-73--292 $900
Bobby Nichols 72-72-76-72--292 $900
Tony Lema 71-72-75-75--293 $700
Lionel Hebert 73-74-72-75--294 $625
Bill Ogden 73-73-73-75--294 $625
Ted Makalena 73-74-75-73--295 $475
Jack Nicklaus 72-73-77-73--295 $475
Gary Player 75-74-72-74--295 $475
Dudley Wysong 74-73-75-73--295 $475
Charlie Sifford 72-70-77-77--296 $400
Jacky Cupit 75-71-75-76--297 $400
Don Fairfield 75-72-74-76--297 $400
a-John Farquhar 74-73-77-73--297  
Labron Harris Jr. 72-76-74-75--297 $400
Tom Nieporte 73-73-76-76--298 $375
Doug Sanders 74-74-76-74--298 $375
Monte Bradley 75-74-73-77--299 $368
a-Bill Campbell 71-73-79-76--299  
Mason Rudolph 76-73-74-76--299 $368
Paul Scodeller 72-76-72-79--299 $368
Sam Snead 77-72-75-75--299 $368
George Archer 75-74-76-75--300 $350
Larry Beck 77-73-75-75--300 $350
Paul Harney 75-73-79-73--300 $350
Bob Panasiuk 72-78-78-73--301 $350
Davis Love Jr. 77-72-71-82--302 $325
David Boies 73-72-83-75--303 $325
Bill Martindale 72-76-80-75--303 $325
Dan Sikes 77-73-76-77--303 $325
Rex Baxter 76-73-76-80--305 $325
Skee Riegel 80-70-82-74--306 $300
Ron Howell 78-72-78-79--307 $300
a-Jerry Greenbaum 75-74-80-79--308  
Chick Harbert 76-74-80-78--308 $300
Jimmy Clark 73-77-78-81--309 $300
Babe Hiskey 78-72-78-83--311 $300
William Gabal 76-73-83-80--312 $300

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