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1964 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1964 British Open Golf Tournament

In 1962, Tony Lema joked to the media that he would serve champagne if he won that week's tournament. He did win, and from then on was known as "Champagne Tony" Lema. In 1966, flying in a small plane to an exhibition appearance, Lema was killed when the plane crashed ... on a golf course.

In between, Lema was one of the brightest - and most successful - stars of professional golf. He won 12 times on the PGA Tour in that span, including his lone major, the 1964 British Open at St. Andrews.

Lema dominated this championship, opening a 7-stroke lead after three rounds on the strength of back-to-back 68s in the middle two rounds. He wound up beating runner-up Jack Nicklaus by five, and third-place Roberto De Vicenzo by six.

Arnold Palmer skipped the 1964 British Open despite being the two-time defending champion, having won the 1962 and 1963 Opens. The caddie on Palmer's bag in those two wins was Tip Anderson, and Anderson, on Palmer's recommendation, worked for Lema in this Open.

This was Nicklaus' first runner-up finish in the Open Championship. While he eventually won the tournament three times, he also finished second seven times total over the course of his career.

1964 British Open Scores
Results from the 1964 British Open golf tournament played on The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland:

Tony Lema 73-68-68-70--279
Jack Nicklaus 76-74-66-68--284
Roberto De Vicenzo 76-72-70-67--285
Bernard Hunt 73-74-70-70--287
Bruce Devlin 72-72-73-73--290
Christy O'Connor Sr. 71-73-74-73--291
Harry Weetman 72-71-75-73--291
Harold Henning 78-73-71-70--292
Angel Miguel 73-76-72-71--292
Gary Player 78-71-73-70--292
Doug Sanders 78-73-74-68--293
Frank Phillips 77-75-72-70--294
Jean Garaialde 71-74-79-72--296
Christy Greene 74-76-73-73--296
Ralph Moffitt 76-72-74-74--296
Dave Thomas 75-74-75-72--296
Alex Caygill 77-74-71-75--297
Bob Charles 79-71-69-78--297
Malcolm Gregson 78-70-74-76--298
John MacDonald 78-74-74-72--298
Alan Murray 77-73-76-72--298
Phil Rodgers 74-79-74-71--298
Syd Scott 75-74-73-76--298
Tony Coop 75-72-76-76--299
Doug Ford 75-76-76-72--299
Liang Huan Lu 76-71-78-74--299
Jimmy Martin 74-72-79-74--299
Peter Thomson 79-73-72-75--299
George Will 74-79-71-76--300
Peter Butler 78-75-74-74--301
Geoffrey Hunt 77-75-74-75--301
Ramon Sota 77-74-74-76--301
Stuart Davies 74-77-71-80--302
Dennis Hutchinson 77-74-77-75--303
Michael Murphy 76-74-76-77--303
John Panton 78-74-77-74--303
Brian Wilkes 77-76-74-76--303
Max Faulkner 73-73-80-78--304
Dai Rees 76-77-77-74--304
Brian Allen 78-75-73-79--305
Norman Drew 76-76-79-74--305
Stuart Murray 80-73-78-74--305
Len Thomas 76-75-82-72--305
Malcolm Leeder 77-76-75-80--308
Kel Nagle 77-76-80-80--313

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