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1962 Masters
Recap and Scores for the 1962 Masters Golf Tournament

An 18-hole, three-man playoff for the 1962 Masters was won by Arnold Palmer, giving Arnie his third Masters victory. That tied Sam Snead and Jimmy Demaret for the record of the time for most wins in The Masters, a record that Palmer would break by winning the 1964 Masters.

It was the first three-man playoff in tournament history. Palmer shot 68 to beat Gary Player (71) and Dow Finsterwald (77). Player had been trying to become the tournament's first back-to-back champion.

This was Jack Nicklaus' first Masters as a pro, and he finished tied for 15th.

1962 Masters Scores
Results from the 1962 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-Arnold Palmer 70-66-69-75--280$20,000
Gary Player 67-71-71-71--280$12,000
Dow Finsterwald 74-68-65-73--280$12,000
Gene Littler 71-68-71-72--282$6,000
Jerry Barber 72-72-69-74--287$3,600
Jimmy Demaret 73-73-71-70--287$3,600
Billy Maxwell 71-73-72-71--287$3,600
Mike Souchak 70-72-74-71--287$3,600
a-Charlie Coe 72-74-71-71--288  
Ken Venturi 75-70-71-72--288$2,000
Julius Boros 69-73-72-76--290$1,450
Gay Brewer 74-71-70-75--290$1,450
Jack Fleck 72-75-74-69--290$1,450
Harold Henning 75-73-72-70--290$1,450
Billy Casper 73-73-73-72--291$1,160
Gardner Dickinson Jr. 70-71-72-78--291$1,160
Paul Harney 74-71-74-72--291$1,160
Jack Nicklaus 74-75-70-72--291$1,160
Sam Snead 72-75-70-74--291$1,160
Jacky Cupit 73-73-72-74--292$1,000
Lionel Hebert 72-73-71-76--292$1,000
Don January 71-73-74-74--292$1,000
Johnny Pott 77-71-75-69--292$1,000
Al Balding 75-68-78-72--293$1,000
Bob Charles 75-72-73-74--294$625
Bob Goalby 74-74-73-73--294$625
Ted Kroll 72-74-72-76--294$625
Dave Ragan 70-73-76-75--294$625
Bill Collins 75-70-75-75--295$500
Bruce Crampton 72-75-74-74--295$500
Cary Middlecoff 75-74-73-73--295$500
Lew Worsham 75-70-78-72--295$500
Roberto De Vicenzo 77-72-70-77--296$500
Lloyd Mangrum 75-74-71-76--296$500
Byron Nelson 72-76-72-76--296$500
Chi Chi Rodriguez 72-72-75-77--296$500
Doug Sanders 74-74-73-75--296$500
Ben Hogan 78-71-75-73--297 $500
Jack Burke Jr. 78-69-73-78--298$500
Antonio Cerda 74-75-75-74--298$500
Henry Picard 75-73-76-74--298$500
a-Don Cherry 77-72-73-77--299  
Chick Harbert 75-74-74-77--300$500
George Bayer 71-76-74-80--301$500
Doug Ford 75-72-76-78--301$500
a-Jose Gonzalez Jr. 75-74-73-79--301  
Brian Wilkes 74-75-74-78--301$500
a-Juan Estrada 75-74-76-77--302  
Marion Gonzalez 73-76-77-76--302$500
Chandler Harper 73-76-79-74--302$500

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