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1960 Masters
Recap and Scores for the 1960 Masters Golf Tournament

Arnold Palmer went wire-to-wire to win the 1960 Masters, finishing at 6-under par and one stroke in front of Ken Venturi.

Palmer birdied the final two holes to secure the win, which was his second Masters championship and also the second major of his career. Palmer and the man he beat by one stroke, Venturi, were part of a rules dispute at the 1958 Masters, site of Palmer's first career major. Venturi believed Palmer took an improper drop, and brought the matter up again in his 2004 memoir.

In this Masters, Venturi again thought Palmer benefitted from an incorrect ruling, although it happened in the first round this time. Venturi and Palmer were playing together. On the 12th hole, Palmer's drive embedded "at the top of a trap in soft ground," according to the real-time Associated Press report. Palmer was allowed to lift the ball and place it without penalty, and made par.

When the two golfers reached the green, it was Venturi's turn to ask for a ruling. His ball had bounced over the green and "lodged in a hole in the bank which Venturi thought was made by another player." The rules official, however, told Venturi "he wasn't entitled to lift the embedded ball because it had hit the green first." Venturi was denied relief and wound up with a double-bogey. And wound up losing to Palmer by one stroke.

Palmer led after each round, and with the victory completed just the second wire-to-wire win in tournament history to this point.

Jack Nicklaus, playing as an amateur in his second Masters, finished tied for 13th.

1960 Masters Scores
Results from the 1960 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (a-amateur):

Arnold Palmer 67-73-72-70--282$17,500
Ken Venturi 73-69-71-70--283$10,500
Dow Finsterwald 71-70-72-71--284$7,000
Billy Casper 71-71-71-74--287$5,250
Julius Boros 72-71-70-75--288$4,200
Walt Burkemo 72-69-75-73--289$2,800
Ben Hogan 73-68-72-76--289$2,800
Gary Player 72-71-72-74--289$2,800
Lionel Hebert 74-70-73-73--290$1,575
Stan Leonard 72-72-72-74--290$1,575
Jack Burke Jr. 72-72-74-74--292$1,225
Sam Snead 73-74-72-73--292$1,225
Ted Kroll 72-76-71-74--293$1,225
a-Jack Nicklaus 75-71-72-75--293  
a-Billy Joe Patton 75-72-74-72--293  
Bruce Crampton 74-73-75-72--294$1,050
Claude Harmon 69-72-75-78--294$1,050
Fred Hawkins 69-78-72-75--294$1,050
Mike Souchak 72-75-72-75--294$1,050
Tommy Bolt 73-74-75-73--295$875
Don January 70-72-74-79--295$875
Ed Oliver 74-75-73-73--295$875
Bob Rosburg 74-74-71-76--295$875
a-Frank Taylor 70-74-73-78--295  
a-Tommy Aaron 74-75-75-73--297  
Doug Ford 74-72-80-71--297$875
Billy Maxwell 72-71-79-75--297$875
Dave Ragan 74-73-75-75--297$875
George Bayer 73-73-80-72--298$500
a-Deane Beman 71-72-77-78--298  
a-Dick Crawford 74-72-75-77--298  
Doug Sanders 73-71-81-73--298$500
a-Gene Andrews 73-76-77-73--299  
Jerry Barber 76-73-74-77--300$500
Jack Fleck 78-71-77-74--300$500
a-Chuck Kocsis 76-72-78-74--300  
Dave Marr 73-77-77-73--300$500
Harry Weetman 70-78-74-78--300$500
a-Charlie Coe 72-74-78-77--301  
Chick Harbert 73-77-74-77--301$500
Jay Hebert 69-77-78-77--301$500
Jim Turnesa 76-73-73-79--301$500
Lloyd Mangrum 74-74-76-78--302$500
Lew Worsham 72-76-74-84--306$500
a-Ward Wettlaufer 73-77-83-78--311  

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