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1958 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1958 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Gary Player made his U.S. Open debut in 1958 at Southern Hills Country Club in Oklahoma. And Player almost made the most of it before settling for second place.

The winner was "Terrible" Tommy Bolt, the player with the sweet swing and sometimes sour disposition. Bolt earned his nickname by virtue of his frequent club-throwing on the course. In later years, Bolt stated he usually only threw clubs for the sake of showmanship - because it's what the crowds expected and wanted from him.

Bolt was a native Oklahoman, so winning at Southern Hills must have been extra special for him. This was his only major championship win among his 15 PGA Tour victories.

In his second U.S. Open start, Jack Nicklaus made the cut for the first time. Nicklaus, 18 years old, finished 41st. So the 1958 U.S. Open is the first one in which the future "Big 3" all played together. Arnold Palmer tied for 23rd.

At the other end of his career was Gene Sarazen, winner of the 1922 and 1932 U.S. Opens. Sarazen shot 84-80 and missed the cut in his final appearance in this tournament. Three-time Masters winner Jimmy Demaret also played his final U.S. Open this year, withdrawing after a third-round 81.

Southern Hills, as it often does during its years hosting majors, played very tough in scorching Tulsa heat. Bolt was the only player in the field not to post at least one round of 75 or higher. Sam Snead shot a second-round 80 and missed the cut for the first time in a U.S. Open.

1958 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1958 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-70 Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma (a-amateur):

Tommy Bolt 71-71-69-72--283 $8,000
Gary Player 75-68-73-71--287 $5,000
Julius Boros 71-75-72-71--289 $3,000
Gene Littler 74-73-67-76--290 $2,000
Walter Burkemo 75-74-70-72--291 $1,625
Bob Rosburg 75-74-72-70--291 $1,625
Jay Hebert 77-76-71-69--293 $1,016
Don January 79-73-68-73--293 $1,016
Dick Metz 71-78-73-71--293 $1,016
Ben Hogan 75-73-75-71--294 $566
Tommy Jacobs 76-75-71-72--294 $566
Frank Stranahan 72-72-75-75--294 $566
Billy Casper 79-70-75-71--295 $500
a-Charlie Coe 75-71-75-74--295  
Marty Furgol 75-74-74-72--295 $500
Bob Goetz 75-75-77-69--296 $500
Tom Nieporte 75-73-74-75--297 $300
a-Jerry Pittman 75-77-71-74--297  
Jerry Barber 79-73-73-73--298 $300
Bruce Crampton 73-75-74-76--298 $300
Jim Ferree 76-74-73-75--298 $300
Jerry Magee 76-77-75-70--298 $300
Dutch Harrison 76-76-73-74--299 $200
Dick Mayer 76-74-71-78--299 $200
Arnold Palmer 75-75-77-72--299 $200
Earl Stewart Jr. 75-74-77-73--299 $200
Stan Dudas 76-73-76-75--300 $200
Don Fairfield 78-75-72-75--300 $200
Mike Fetchick 78-76-73-73--300 $200
Labron Harris Jr. 74-72-77-77--300 $200
Billy Maxwell 78-76-76-70--300 $200
Cary Middlecoff 75-79-75-71--300 $200
Bo Wininger 78-74-74-74--300 $200
Doug Ford 78-75-73-75--301 $200
Ken Venturi 79-73-75-75--302 $200
Buck White 76-77-71-78--302 $200
Paul Harney 77-77-72-77--303 $200
Lloyd Mangrum 72-78-75-78--303 $200
Bud Ward 78-76-74-75--303 $200
a-Harvie Ward 74-80-79-70--303  
a-Jack Nicklaus 79-75-73-77--304  
Sam Penecale 77-77-76-74--304 $200
Joe Campbell 77-74-76-79--306 $200
Bob Crowley 78-76-75-77--306 $200
Joe Jimenez 76-76-80-75--307 $200
Lew Worsham 77-72-77-81--307 $200
Babe Lichardus 76-76-73-83--308 $200
Mike Pavella 75-79-79-75--308 $200
Pat Schwab 75-75-79-80--309 $200
Herman Barron 78-76-79-77--310 $200
Ted Gwin 76-78-81-75--310 $200
Chick Harbert 75-78-78-80--311 $200
a-Bobby Nichols 79-75-84-73--311  

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